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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our February issue our featured sign is Aquarius.
Next issue, check back to see March and April featured signs, Aries and Pisces.

Aquarius loves nothing better than to have a wide circle of friends with whom to talk and share ideas. Your phone is constantly busy, and you are likely to send and receive heaps of e-mails. The Water Bearer is very idealistic. You have some profound beliefs and opinions about life and are not shy about sharing these thoughts with others. Many of you belong to groups, clubs, and organizations that promote the causes and philosophies that are so important to you. 

Once you believe in something or someone, it is quite difficult to change your mind. Those who know you know better than to try to bend that powerful will of yours to their ways of acting or thinking. If they do not know this by now, they will certainly find out soon enough. You are loyal and faithful to what you believe—as faithful to your ideas as you are to your friends. You will change your mind if someone you respect or a group of friends challenges you, but not without some intense struggling on your part. One thing is for sure—if someone wants you to agree with him and you feel otherwise, that person had best leave you alone and give you plenty of time to decide on the matter. Any undue pressure will just make you more determined than ever to go your own way and follow your own ideas. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign, Aquarius, with all of the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We shall also be mentioning a pitfall or two, so you might want to pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Aquarius with Aries: The two of you can really get into some highly interesting discussions. Both of you can talk on and on—although Aquarius is usually the more wordy of the two. While Aries is known to change her opinions depending on circumstances, Aquarius is much more definite and holds on to what she believes regardless of circumstances. Your conversations may be heated, but they will be friendly. 

Aquarius with Taurus: Aquarians are very friendly and quite open about their ideas and opinions. The same cannot always be said about Taurus. It is easy to get to know an Aquarian, but Taurus is the more sensitive of the two signs. In this respect, it takes time to get to know the Bull and to have him feel like opening up to another person. While Aquarius is happily chatting away, Taurus is feeling the situation out to see if a real relationship is possible. While Aquarius is happy to have many acquaintances and a wide social circle, Taurus much prefers to have a few real and meaningful friendships. 

Aquarius with Gemini: One of the best combinations! Aquarians are very friendly and quite open about their ideas and opinions, while the same is true for Gemini. It is easy for the two of you to get to know one another. You will have fun together, especially within your social group. You may not get too deeply involved; but, then again, you both like to get around, so no problem! 

Aquarius with Cancer: This is not the easiest of astrological combinations for successful communication. Cancer is so very personal and becomes quite hurt when he or she is not being heard. Aquarius is often up in the air and may have his mind on several things at the same time. Cancer often wants to communicate on emotional levels, while Aquarius is filled with all sorts of ideas that have nothing to do with a personal relationship. 

Aquarius with Leo: You live at opposite ends of the sky. This means that you can be the perfect complement for one another or the direct opposite. In terms of communication, Leo likes to keep things personal: you and me and me and you (and a lot about me!). Aquarius likes to be more impersonal: let’s talk about issues in the news, our mutual friends, and new interesting ideas. Leo can find Aquarius’s distance to be a bit boring sometimes while Aquarius can find Leo’s need to be very personal to be a heavy weight on your relationship. 

Aquarius with Virgo: This astrological combination has its communicative challenges. Aquarius prefers to live in his or her own version of "Tomorrow Land," while Virgo’s focus is in the "now." Aquarius is a sign that is prone to speaking about subjects and theories of life that have little to do with Virgo’s much more practical way of going about living 

Aquarius with Libra: You are both airy signs and therefore love to talk. You have endless topics from which to choose, but your favorite will be your friends. You will be very surprised when you find that hours have gone by as you pleasantly share your thoughts and opinions about people. 

Aquarius with Scorpio: The two of you may find it difficult to find a common ground for sharing. Aquarius likes to speak about everything and everyone. It is a very communicative sign by nature. Scorpio tends to hold back and say only what it thinks is important, using fewer words with more meaning. 

Aquarius with Sagittarius: The two of you should really enjoy one another’s company. You are both keen observers of other people and will have a lot to share. You will also find that you stimulate each other mentally and will look forward to the times you spend together speaking about every subject under the sun. 

Aquarius with Capricorn: The two of you can really challenge one another. Capricorn is very down-to-earth and matter-of-fact, while Aquarius is usually up in the air. You can help one another in this respect: Capricorn can give Aquarius some practical advice, while Aquarius can help Capricorn to see beyond the limitations of today and into a brighter future. 

Aquarius with Aquarius: You will never have a moment of silence in your conversations. Both of you always have plenty to say and are not shy about saying it. You have opinions aplenty and, even if your beliefs differ from one another’s, it matters not, as discussing these differences only adds to your mutual enjoyment. One of the major topics about which you will always be speaking is the people you know and the nature of your relationships with them. 

Aquarius with Pisces: In this case, Pisces will be doing the vast majority of the listening and Aquarius will certainly be the main speaker. Yet, if Aquarius encourages Pisces to give her real opinion about the person or topic under discussion, Aquarius will find that Pisces not only has been listening, but has been listening very profoundly. The Water Bearer should be prepared for some answers from the Fish that are totally unexpected. Pisces should not get too upset if the emotional content in the conversation is minimal, as Aquarius is a mental sign.

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