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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our July issue our featured sign is Cancer.
Next month, check back to see June featured sign, Leo.

Communication is essential in all relationships, but for Cancer, speaking about what you are feeling can sometimes be especially challenging.  If you are too open with someone that you love, you may feel too vulnerable. Like a crab, Cancers like to hide inside a protective shell. You may be reluctant to let someone know what your true feelings are about him or her. You need to establish a sense of trust and know for certain that you will not be betrayed. In essence, before you really say what is in your heart, you have to know that it is safe to do so. When you are in love, you want the other person to know what you mean without having to blurt it all out. In fact, you can really tell that you and another person care for one another because you can communicate wordlessly. Sometimes, he or she will say what is exactly on your mind, or your mutual feelings will come out of your mouth to the delight of both of you. As the Moon rules Cancer, you can be quite "loony." This means that you have a great—but sometimes weird—sense of humor. You have a wonderful laugh and, when you are in a good mood, it is infectious.  At other times, your moods grow dark, and then it is best for other people to leave you alone to come out of it yourself. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign Cancer with all the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so you might want to pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Cancer with Aries: Care has to be taken here as Cancer often says what she feels while Aries often just bursts forth with the first thing on his mind. Cancer is far more intimate and personal in sharing her thoughts. Aries, on the other hand, likes to toss out ideas just for the sake of doing so. The Ram always has to be careful that sensitivity buttons are not being pushed, as this will cause Cancer to withdraw from any further communication. Cancer should try to be more up front and honest with Aries—the Ram can take it! 

Cancer with Taurus: This is usually a great combination for sharing what is in your hearts and on your minds. You are both good listeners and are really caring when it comes to being supportive of the people you love. Both Taurus and Cancer have a practical side, and you are capable of offering each other some good advice. You are also both very happy when eating, so a lot of your best conversations will take place over a good meal. Relax and enjoy one another; this is an easy astrological combination to do just that. 

Cancer with Gemini: The two of you are quite different. Cancer is usually sincere and says what she feels. Gemini is the monkey of the zodiac and just chatters away, often not realizing that he or she is touching a delicate soft spot that penetrates under Cancer’s shell. Cancer has to lighten up around Gemini, while Gemini has to be more aware of Cancer’s sensitivity. 

Cancer with Cancer: It is more what you do not say to one another than what you do say that is important. Both of you can be individually quite secretive about your real feelings, so when the two of you are together, the only way that you will open up is if you completely trust the other. AND, you both have to be in the mood to talk. This is not always the case with Cancer, as many of you can clam up just when you need to open up! But when the time (and the tide!) is right, you can say things to one another that really come from the heart. 

Cancer with Leo: This is not always the easiest combination for good communication. Leo often likes to be heard more than he likes to listen. Cancer can be shy and may not tell Leo that it is Cancer’s turn to talk. In addition, Cancer has to feel that the person with him or her really cares about what Cancer is feeling. Leo may have to learn how to communicate on a more subtle level and Cancer may have to be bolder, if the two of you are going to make it. 

Cancer with Virgo: This is an easy combination, and communication between these two signs usually works out quite well. Naturally there are glitches in all relationships and sometimes Cancer’s mood or Virgo’s critical nature may interfere with a more harmonious contact between the two of you. But, for the most part, you will both want to be helpful to the other and can usually be successful at sharing together what you really mean. 

Cancer with Libra: Libra likes to get along with everyone and feels very unbalanced whenever there is something wrong in a relationship—even if Libra is the cause. Cancer likes to be supportive and nurturing. So you both start off with the urge to make things right. Libra has to take care not to agree with Cancer just to make things easy. Cancer has to be less personal and not take everything that is said or felt to heart. Libra likes things nice and easy, and Cancer should say when his or her feelings are being hurt. 

Cancer with Scorpio: This is often a very good combination, as both of you are quite sensitive and tend to know what the other person is feeling without either of you having to say too much. Actually this relationship can be based more on what you don’t say to one another. Although this kind of telepathy is very exciting for both of you to share, you do run the risk of being misunderstood by the other. So sometimes it is wiser just to open up and let it all come out. 

Cancer with Sagittarius: The two of you live in very different worlds. Cancer is the homebody and is very sensitive to what is said. There is a real need not to have one’s feelings hurt or to hurt anyone else’s feelings. Sagittarius can suffer from "foot in mouth" disease and carelessly blurt out the first thing on his or her mind, regardless of the emotional consequences. You will be saying "excuse me" a lot to one another. 

Cancer with Capricorn: Your two signs are placed on exactly opposite sides of the zodiac. Although there are many places where you complement one another—like your need for material security—you are really quite different. Cancer is much more concerned with personal issues while Capricorn has a more social frame of mind. You may have to agree to disagree in order to get along. 

Cancer with Aquarius: This is not the easiest of astrological combinations for successful communication. Cancer is so very personal and becomes quite hurt when he or she is not being heard. Aquarius is often up in the air and may have his mind on several things at the same time. Cancer often wants to communicate on emotional levels, while Aquarius is filled with all sorts of ideas that have nothing to do with a personal relationship. 

Cancer with Pisces: This is a great combination, as both of you can be very compassionate to the other person’s feelings. You will also find that listening to music together is something that helps you to talk to one another. You both like romantic settings and are especially fond of being near the water. Be clear with one another about what really concerns you. You can both be secretive, and it is important to express yourselves openly to one another.

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