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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our June issue our featured sign is Gemini
Next month, check back to see July featured sign, Cancer.

Communication is essential in all relationships, but for Gemini it is absolutely essential. You cannot restrain yourself from saying what you really think. Your basic attitude to life is open and lighthearted. It is hard for you to understand sometimes why other people get so down and serious about life. You like to tell jokes, have a great sense of humor, and enjoy making others smile. If someone truly wants to get to know you, they should spend a day with you. This means accompanying you on your daily busy rounds of visiting several friends, going to a movie (or two!), jumping in and out of fast food restaurants, and basically covering a lot of ground within a relatively small territory. You are always on the move, are a great go-between and message-giver, and take special delight in linking people and ideas together. Gemini is basically a "neighborhood" guy or girl. You like familiar surroundings and know every crack in every sidewalk, every bush, and every tree in the area where you live. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign, Gemini, with all the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so, in spite of your normal urge to think about four things at the same time, try to pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Gemini with Aries: This is a great combination for following up your words with action. You guys always have a lot to talk about and should therefore really enjoy doing things together. Aries naturally takes command of the conversation and points it in a certain direction. Gemini naturally picks up on Aries’ lead, adding variety and versatility to the conversation. 

Gemini with Taurus: This is not the easiest of combinations. Gemini likes to chatter on about this and that, while Taurus has a definite agenda. What is really bothersome for Taurus is that Gemini is always changing her mind. What is totally annoying for Gemini is that the Bull is so set in his thoughts and opinions. Communication is a problem unless Taurus has Mercury in Gemini in his horoscope and Gemini has Mercury in Taurus. In this case, you will find that you get on great together. But to discover this, you will need to compare your horoscopes and that should really give you something to talk about! 

Gemini with Gemini: Well, first you have to decide whose term it is to speak first. Then you have to be patient enough to listen to what the other person is saying. That being said, you will probably have a wonderful time with one another going from place to place and doing many interesting things in one day—or one hour! Just don’t tire each other out. 

Gemini with Cancer: The two of you are quite different. Cancer is usually sincere and says what she feels. Gemini is the monkey of the zodiac and just chatters away, often not realizing that he or she is touching a delicate soft spot that penetrates under Cancer’s shell. Cancer has to lighten up around Gemini, while Gemini has to be more aware of Cancer’s sensitivity. 

Gemini with Leo: You guys can really live it up and enjoy yourselves. One of your favorite topics of conversation will be how you can have fun together. Both of you like good times and can endlessly stimulate each other’s spirit of adventure. If you have children, a lot of your activities will center on being with them and inventing new games and experiences to share. 

Gemini with Virgo: You are both ruled by the planet Mercury. As such, you tend to be on-the-go and very busy. Although you both like to communicate, your interests usually lie in different areas of life. Gemini is more abstract— "if, maybe, and perhaps" are some of his favorite words. Virgo is far more practical and down to earth and can lose patience with Gemini’s world of possibilities. 

Gemini with Libra: You are both airy signs. This means that communication is at the heart of the way you both relate with people. You both find words to be very important and a positive mental relationship is just as important to you as having the right feelings for one another. In fact, you both tend to express these feelings through your words and need a partner who can do the same. 

Gemini with Scorpio: This is not the easiest combination for clear communication. Scorpio tends to be much more emotionally communicative—it is what Scorpio doesn’t say that really matters. Gemini will have a hard time with this silence, for this is not an emotionally sensitive sign. Gemini wants to talk about everything while Scorpio much prefers the mystery and romance of the deep-but- silent heart. 

Gemini with Sagittarius: These two signs live at totally opposite ends of the zodiac. But of all the six pairs of astrological opposites, the two of you get on the best. This is because you are both interested in so many things. You both like to travel, although Gemini tends to want to stay closer to home and to travel for shorter periods of time than does the far-reaching Centaur. Enjoy one another. 

Gemini with Capricorn: You are truly very different, and finding a focus for communication may not be so easy, especially for Capricorn. Gemini can get along with anyone for a brief period of time, but after a while, Gemini may experience Capricorn’s no-nonsense attitude as rather restrictive. Capricorn can consider Gemini’s chatter as superficial. The heart will have to overcome the mouth in this one! 

Gemini with Aquarius: This is one of the best combinations!  Aquarians are very friendly and quite open about their ideas and opinions, while the same is true for Gemini. It is easy for the two of you to get to know one another. You will have fun together, especially within your social group. You may not get too deeply involved; but, then again, you both like to get around, so no problem! 

Gemini with Pisces: As Gemini is air and Pisces is water, you may find that it is not easy for you to find a common ground for communicating. Pisces is quite emotional by nature, while Gemini tends to be mental. While Pisces likes to go deeply into a conversation and pull out all sorts of hidden meanings, Gemini prefers to skip from topic to topic. Movies, music, and pop culture should all be shared topics of interest.

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