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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our September issue our featured sign is Virgo.
Next month, check back to see October featured sign, Libra.

Most Virgos require of their friends and lovers that they be treated in some special way. The problem is that only Virgo knows this form of treatment. You often expect, but you do not tell the other person what it is that you are expecting. It is no wonder that this lapse of communication can lead to a lot of relationship conflicts. You have to be careful about not being overly critical of others, especially when they are not sure that they are crossing your invisible lines and pushing your hidden buttons. You will definitely do better if you are more open and out front about what you want from another person and what they can expect from you in return. When in doubt, tell it like it is. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign, Virgo, with all the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so you might want to pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Virgo with Aries: Virgo doesn’t mind it all when Aries takes the lead in conversation. In fact, as long as Aries doesn’t criticize Virgo, the two of you should be able to connect rather well. Aries needs Virgo’s practical advice, and Virgo often requires the directional push that Aries is so fond of making. Aries will often tell Virgo what he or she would like to do and Virgo can tell Aries the practical ways for how to going about doing it. 

Virgo with Taurus: Talking can be an excellent opportunity for both people to deepen their relationship. You are both very down-to-earth and will enjoy speaking about practical things; perhaps there is a project that you are working on together. You are both concerned with finances, so you may be able to advise one another on how best to deal with money. You will also enjoy being out in nature together, camping and hiking, and not necessarily speaking much at all. 

Virgo with Gemini: The planet Mercury rules you both. As such, you tend to be on the go and very busy. Although you both like to communicate, your interests lie usually in different areas of life. Gemini is more abstract, "if, maybe, and perhaps" are some of his favorite words. Virgo is far more practical and down-to-earth, and can lose patience with Gemini’s world of possibilities. 

Virgo with Cancer: This is an easy combination, and communication between these two signs usually works out quite well. Naturally, there are glitches in all relationships, and sometimes Cancer’s mood or Virgo’s critical nature may interfere with a more harmonious contact between the two of you. But for the most part, you will both want to be helpful to the other and can usually be successful at sharing together what you really mean. 

Virgo with Leo: This may not be the easiest of combinations. Leo likes things blown-up and larger than life. Virgo is more concerned with the practical details of everyday things. Virgo may not understand Leo’s need to exaggerate and play it big. Leo may become bored with Virgo’s critical eye, and the ways that the Virgin can make something out of nothing. You will really have to work at being understanding of one another’s differences to communicate correctly with one another. 

Virgo with Virgo: You both usually have so much on your plate, that you may have to consciously take turns speaking. What is great about Virgo, and even better when there are two of you, is the amount of common sense and practical advice that is available. The two of you might want to go into business together as professional advisors! On the other hand, the two of you together can be a most criticizing duo and gossip will abound. 

Virgo with Libra: The combination of these two signs can produce a very good friendship, one that is mutually beneficial. You will find that you have a lot to say to one another, and can be receptive and non-judgmental to the other person’s thoughts and opinions. How to make improvements in relationships will be a favorite topic for sharing. 

Virgo with Scorpio: Here you have two people that when you come together, you attempt to resolve all the problems of the world! Whether you do or not is another matter. The point is that you always get into deep and mutually enjoyable conversations as you are both quite analytical when it comes to observing other people. 

Virgo with Sagittarius: This is not the easiest astrological combination for compatible communication. Virgo is very practical and focussed on details. Sagittarius is idealistic and needs to look at the big picture. Sagittarius can therefore think that Virgo is petty and small-minded, while Virgo sees Sagittarius as being totally impractical. 

Virgo with Capricorn: This is a highly compatible combination, as both of you have materialistic and realistic turns of mind. You are good together when it comes to solving the problems of day-to-day life. You may also have some good advice for one another in terms of money and finances. In any event, you can be worthwhile friends to one another. 

Virgo with Aquarius: This combination has its communicative challenges. Aquarius prefers to live in his or her own version of "Tomorrow Land" while Virgo’s focus is in the "now.” Aquarius is prone to speaking about subjects and theories of life that have little to do with Virgo’s much more practical way of living. 

Virgo with Pisces: You live at opposite ends of the cosmos, yet in many ways can complement one another. Pisces is always willing to understand and be supportive, helping Virgo to perceive a deeper meaning about the issues at hand. Virgo as the more practical of the two, offers Pisces a helping hand when it comes to the "how to’s" of life. 

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