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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our April issue our featured sign is Aries.
Next month, check back to see May featured sign, Taurus.

Communication is essential in all relationships. Aries tends to be too quick in his or her way of communicating with partners and lovers (or with anyone for that matter!). Sometimes you are so eager to say the next thing that pops into your busy head, that you do not give the other person a chance to finish her sentence. Learn to be a good listener. It is vital that you take in what the other person is trying to say to you and not just give lip service to what it is you are being told. On the other hand, you are often very precise and perceptive with your penetrating comments. You can quickly spot the truth and then express what you see through some especially pointed comments. Your words go to the heart of every matter but, if you want your words to penetrate into the heart of your loved one, you have to be able to be patient enough to sit back and take in what the other person is saying. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare Aries with the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may better your relationships through right communication. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so in spite of your urge to speak and not to listen, Aries, please pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Aries with Aries: How can you come to any agreement between two in-your-face kinds of people? Well, you will just have to make an agreement to take turns speaking with one another and then really make an effort to hear the other person without think what you are going to say as soon as they are finished. At least wait for the other person to conclude! On the other hand, the saying "two heads are better than one" can work very well for you—but only if you both are in agreement. Argument or agreement, that is what two Aries are all about. 

Aries with Taurus: The Bull is very deep, slow, and thorough. It will take in what is being said and not necessarily give an immediate response. Aries must be especially patient with Taurus. Your answer will come and may even be more complete and profound than you could ever imagine—but you are going to have to wait for it. Taurus shouldn’t take offense at the sometimes aggressive way that Aries is speaking. A strong delivery is only natural for this child of the Ram. 

Aries with Gemini: This is a great combination for following up your words with action. You guys always have a lot to talk about and should therefore really enjoy doing things together. Aries naturally takes command of the conversation and points it in a certain direction. Gemini naturally picks up on Aries’ lead, adding variety and versatility to the conversation. 

Aries with Cancer: Care has to be taken here as Cancer often says what it feels, while Aries often just bursts forth with the first thing on his mind. Cancer is far more intimate and personal in sharing his thoughts. Aries on the other hand, likes to toss out ideas just for the sake of doing so. The Ram always has to be careful that sensitivity buttons are not being pushed, as this will cause Cancer to withdraw from any further communication. Cancer should try to be more up front and honest with Aries—the Ram can take it! 

Aries with Leo: This is a great combination for creative communication. Usually success in shared projects is assured when these two signs put their heads together. Watch out for egotism, however. Leo often seeks to have any conversation revolve around his or her thoughts, opinions, or activities. Aries can feel challenged by this, as the Ram is definitely the "me first" sign. But you both have fiery natures that blend well together, and major clashes are usually avoided. 

Aries with Virgo: Virgo doesn’t mind it at all when Aries takes the lead in conversation. In fact, as long as Aries doesn’t criticize Virgo, the two of you should be able to connect rather well. Aries needs Virgo’s practical advice and Virgo often requires the directional push that Aries is so fond of making. Aries will often tell Virgo what he or she would like to do, and Virgo can tell Aries the practical ways for how to go about doing it. 

Aries with Libra: OK—here we can run into a bit of a snag. Aries is direct and up front. "Let’s get it on!" the Ram shouts with strength and vigor. Libra is evasive and indecisive. "Can we do this later, after I have had the time to think about it?" is Libra’s usual response. Benefits of this combination: Libra shows Aries what is on the other side of every issue, giving Aries the benefit of a wider point of view. Aries gives Libra focus and direction. But, Aries, don’t expect Libra to agree with you even though you think you are right. 

Aries with Scorpio: This is not the easiest combination for clear communication. Aries is open about what he or she is thinking. Scorpio is definitely not. The Scorpion often has a hidden agenda and tends to take a wait-and-see attitude before expressing a final opinion about anything. While Aries is definitely a "rush-to-judgment" kind of person, Scorpio considers every situation that involves her deeply. But while Aries can be forgiving, once Scorpio makes up her mind—it is written in stone. 

Aries with Sagittarius: This is a great combination for people who like to get together in order to resolve all the problems of the world. These two signs inspire each other. Thanks to Sagittarius’ wide-ranging interests and open attitudes and Aries’ quick assessment of life situations and general openness, these two really can enjoy communicating with one another. Your best conversations will take place when you are out doing something adventurous. 

Aries with Capricorn: This is not the easiest combination for sharing opinions and fun talks. Capricorn usually takes life much more seriously than does Aries. Aries likes to toss out ideas and opinions and may never follow them up. Capricorn is careful about what she says. The Mountain Goat feels a deep sense of responsibility in life and is not prone to voicing opinions just to make herself heard. Capricorn also has to take care not to try to control Aries’ mind. The Ram is a free thinker and will definitely move along in another direction in order to avoid being trapped. 

Aries with Aquarius: The two of you can really get into some highly interesting discussions. Both of you can talk on and on—although Aquarius is usually the more wordy of the two. While Aries is known to change his opinions depending on circumstances, Aquarius is much more definite and holds on to what he believes regardless of circumstances. Your conversations may be heated, but they will be friendly. 

Aries with Pisces: Don’t expect Pisces to respond openly to every suggestion that Aries makes. The Fish is usually more of an introvert than the expressive Ram. In this respect, Pisces takes in what Aries has to say. As Aries likes to take the lead in conversations—and in everything else—the Ram will enjoy Pisces’ company, knowing that in the Fish Aries has found a compassionate and understanding listener.

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