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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our November issue our featured sign is Scorpio.
Next month, check back to see December featured sign, Capricorn.

As a water sign ruled by Mars, Scorpio’s thoughts are often very affected by  feelings. It is important for you to try to be more objective and not rush into actions or conclusions based purely on your emotional reactions to the events of life. It would do you well to step back at times and view what is taking place from all sides and not just from your need to win or vanquish. Those Scorpios, and there are many, who are able to lift themselves up and look over a situation are called "Scorpio-Eagles." 

You are the ones who soar high in your ability to use your "eagle eyes" to see a situation from a distance and gain a well-rounded perspective. This gift helps you in all your relationships and in every form of interpersonal communication. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign, Scorpio, with all the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so you might want to pay close attention. . For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Scorpio with Aries: This is not the easiest combination for clear communication. Aries is open with what he or she is thinking. Scorpio is definitely not. The Scorpion often has a hidden agenda and tends to take a wait-and-see attitude before expressing a final opinion about anything. While Aries is definitely a rush-to-judgment kind of person, Scorpio considers every situation that involves her deeply. But while Aries can be forgiving, once Scorpio makes up her mind, it is written in stone. 

Scorpio with Taurus: This is not the easiest combination for clear communication, as your signs oppose one another and you may often possess completely different viewpoints about life. This can be most broadening for you both if you do not react to one another but simply listen to what each other has to say. Even if you disagree, it is a good thing to know that there is more than one side to every story. And you can be sure that you will hear that other side for one another. 

Scorpio with Gemini: This is not the easiest combination for clear communication. Scorpio tends to be much more emotionally communicative—it is what Scorpio doesn’t say that really matters. Gemini will have a hard time with this silence, for this is not an emotionally sensitive sign. Gemini wants to talk about everything, while Scorpio much prefers the mystery and romance of the deep but silent heart. 

Scorpio with Cancer:  This is often a very good combination, as both of you are quite sensitive and tend to know what the other person is feeling without either of you having to say too much. Actually, this relationship can be based more on what you don’t say to one another. Although this kind of telepathy is very exciting for both of you to share, you do run the risk of being misunderstood by the other. So sometimes it is wiser just to open up and let it all come out. 

Scorpio with Leo:  This is not the easiest of combinations for romantic communication. Leo is right out in front, saying what he thinks and feeling what he feels. Scorpio is far more secretive, often eager to listen to Leo but reluctant to share what is really going on within his own secretive head. Although Leos like to hear themselves speak, if they are interested in you, they will also want you to be honest and easy with them. It takes a lot to get to know a Scorpio, as Leo soon finds out. 

Scorpio with Virgo:  Here you have two people, who, when they come together, attempt to resolve all the problems of the world! Whether you do or not is another matter. The point is that you always get into deep and mutually enjoyable conversations, as you are both quite analytical when it comes to observing other people. 

Scorpio with Libra:  Libra is usually very open and easy when it comes to communicating. Scorpio, on the other hand, is secretive and not very forthcoming about its real feelings. But when Scorpio does open up, this sign is perceptive and precise. Libra, on the other hand, is more diplomatic and idealistic. 

Scorpio with Scorpio:  There are most likely two kinds of communication between you. The first is that you confide in one another all your keen observations about life. The other is that you both hold back from revealing what you really think and keep your secrets to yourselves.

Scorpio and Sagittarius:  In this one, it is likely that Sagittarius will do all the talking and Scorpio all the listening. Sagittarius tends to be far more open and chatty than the more tight-lipped Scorpion and never hesitates to give an opinion. But when Scorpio does say something, it is usually right on the mark. 

Scorpio with Capricorn:  Scorpio can give Capricorn some very good insights as to how to further Capricorn’s ambitions in life. Capricorn on the other hand, can be very useful to Scorpio when it comes to the more practical issues involving relationships and career moves. 

Scorpio with Aquarius:  The two of you may find it difficult to find a common ground for sharing. Aquarius likes to speak about everything and everyone. It is a very communicative sign by nature. Scorpio tends to hold back and say only what it thinks is important, using fewer words with more meaning. 

Scorpio with Pisces: Pisces is a very receptive and understanding sign. In this case, it will be Scorpio who will be doing most of the talking, for a change, as Pisces listens with a compassionate ear to all of Scorpios secrets.

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