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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our May issue our featured sign is Taurus.
Next month, check back to see June featured sign, Gemini.

Communication is essential in all relationships. Taurus can hold back saying what he or she really means. This can give rise to inner tension and resentment. It also can allow your partner to misinterpret your feelings. Yes, it is hard for Taurus to stay open all the time. No one expects this of you—if they do, they will certainly be disappointed and rightly so. You are entitled to your secrets and privacy. But there are times when you know that you should be more forthcoming in what you need to say but something inside of you just pulls back and refuses to comment. This attitude needs to be examined. You will find that you do not have to say much but that the right words said at the right time with the right look in your eyes, will go a very long way with the people you love. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare Taurus with the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may better your relationships through right communication. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so in spite of your normal urge to think that you are right all the time Taurus, please pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Taurus with Aries: The Bull is very deep, slow, and thorough. It will take in what is being said and not necessarily give an immediate response. Aries must be especially patient with Taurus. Your answer will come and may even be more complete and profound than you could ever imagine—but you are going to have to wait for it. Taurus—do not take offense at the sometimes aggressive way that Aries is speaking. A strong delivery is only natural for this child of the Ram. 

Taurus with Taurus: If you are both in agreement with one another, then there is absolutely no problem. You will enjoy and appreciate what you have to say to one another. But if you have different opinions, chances are that neither of you will give in to the other. You might as well save your friendship and agree to disagree. Show each other the respect that you both want from the other and then change the subject or call it quits for the day. 

Taurus with Gemini: This is not the easiest of combinations. Gemini likes to chatter on and on about this and that while Taurus usually has a definite agenda. What is really bothersome for Taurus is that Gemini is always changing his mind. What is totally annoying for Gemini is that the Bull is so set in his thoughts and opinions. The two of you will really not have too much in common unless Taurus has Mercury in Gemini in his or her horoscope and Gemini has Mercury in Taurus. In this case, you should find that you are great friends. But for this, you will need to see a professional astrologer and that should really give you something to talk about! 

Taurus with Cancer: This is usually a great combination for sharing what is in your hearts and on your minds. You are both good listeners and are really caring when it comes to being supportive of the people you love. Both Taurus and Cancer have a practical side and you are capable of offering each other some good advice. You are also both very happy when eating, so a lot of your best conversations will take place over a good meal. Relax and enjoy one another, this is an easy astrological combination to do just that. 

Taurus with Leo: Often not the easiest of pairs as Leo tends to dominate any conversation while Taurus can remain unimpressed by Leo’s animated words. Leo should not mistake Taurus’ silence for the fact that Taurus has nothing to say. Taurus likes to talk a lot but needs the space and the time to say what is on his mind. To communicate well with the Bull, the Lion has to hold back and even encourage Taurus to open up. If not, the Lion will encounter a very resentful Bull.  Taurus should also let Leo know from time to time that he appreciates what the Lion is speaking about. 

Taurus with Virgo: Talking can be an excellent opportunity for both people to deepen their relationship. You are both very down-to-earth and will enjoy speaking about practical things. Perhaps this is a project that you are working on together. You are both concerned with finances, so you may be able to advise one another on how best to deal with money. You will also enjoy being out in nature together, camping and hiking and not necessarily speaking much at all. 

Taurus with Libra: You are both ruled by Venus and as such you will appreciate art, music and beauty. This gives you lots to speak about and share. Go to an art museum or to a good film and you will really enjoy one another’s company. You also like beautiful things, so shopping also gives you a great opportunity to open up to one another. Both the Bull and the Scales are fairly easygoing people and you will find much to agree upon and little to fight about. 

Taurus with Scorpio: This is not the easiest combination for clear communication. As your signs oppose one another and you may often possess completely different viewpoints about life. This can be most broadening for you both if you do not react to one another but simple listen to what each of you has to say. Even if you disagree, it is a good thing to know that there is more than one side to every story. And you can be sure that you will hear that other side for one another. 

Taurus with Sagittarius: The two of you are very different in character and may find that your ways of communicating are also not particularly complementary. Sagittarius is bold and truthful, often blurting out what he means even if it hurts the other person’s feelings. Taurus tends to hold back and not speak about emotionally sensitive issues. Sagittarius can lose patience with this attitude and become very demanding. This kind of pressure doesn’t work with Taurus, who will become even more quiet and resentful. 

Taurus with Capricorn: You should have a really good understanding of one another and will find that you get along quite well. But there are many Taureans and Capricorns who are shy and do not like to speak very much. If both of you are like this, then you may find that in spite of your mutual good feelings, you have very little to say to one another. This doesn’t mean that you cannot be friends or have a meaningful relationship, it just means that your time together may be spent more sharing psychical activities than mental interests 

Taurus with Aquarius: Aquarians are very friendly and quite open about their ideas and opinions. The same cannot always be said about Taurus. It is easy to get to know an Aquarian but Taurus is the more sensitive and deeper of the two signs. In this respect, it takes time to get to know the Bull and to have him feel like opening up to another person. While Aquarius is happily chatting away, Taurus is feeling the situation out to see if a real relationship is possible. While Aquarius is happy to have many acquaintances and a wide social circle, Taurus much prefers to have a few real and meaningful friendships. 

Taurus with Pisces: You should both get along quite well as you are both very sensitive people who are careful with your words and feelings. As a rule, Pisces and Taurus get along quite well. You both like art and are especially fond of music. You may often decide to talk less and listen to one another’s CD’s, dance and make love. Taurus brings the practical view of things into all conversations, while Pisces tends to be more lighthearted and philosophical.


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