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One of A Kind Pet Choices
By Debra Tadeo


Choosing a pet is a jovial adventure, but one abounding with responsibility. You want to make the best possible choice because the enjoyable and not-so-enjoyable consequences are long term. As with most issues, astrology can help.

Few of us have one sort of pet over a lifetime. This is because many types of pets suit us and a few factors in our charts are at work that go into our decision-making process. The Sun-Sign holds natural sway, but so does the Ascendant. Mercury, the ruling planet of Virgo, the natural ruler of pets, also has an effect. The sign on the cusp of the sixth house, which Virgo naturally rules, will also influence your choice of pet. Since some people enjoy being surrounded by all types of pets, check out these influences to figure out what best suits you. You may want a whole household of loving pets or just want to know many good choices. Also, look for overlaps with the charts of other family members. At least one of these animals should appeal to the entire family. 

ARIES: Aries rules the Ram, and there’s no animal this native would rather get a glimpse of on a hiking trip. But for a pet, Aries wants a large, athletic, outgoing dog to keep him company on runs and other outings—a sleek, well-muscled dog in warm climates or a big shaggy dog in colder climes. He’s likely to take the dog everywhere in his car or truck and always have a frisbee handy. Female Aries feel protected by their large dog. Aries isn’t, however, too reliable about messy clean-ups. He’ll relegate that to a kid or someone more responsible in the family if he can get away with it. A large yard or outdoor access and lots of room to run and play are necessary. 

TAURUS: What are you doing in the city? Taureans dream of having a little dairy farm. The cure is to paint black-and-white cow spots on your mailbox and buy kitchen linens with cows on them. Go for drives in the country and stop and pet the cows. Don’t feel silly. Indulge. Check with a realtor on what you’d need to buy a little acreage in your area. One Taurean I know swapped his home in the city for a tiny farm. City dwellers like stable, easygoing pets who like to lounge a lot, like their owners. 

GEMINI: Gemini rules small birds and talking birds. The beautifully colored parakeet makes the perfect pet. The older the owner, the more birds are enjoyed. Young Geminis need supervision, as their quick hands will startle their pets; however, young Gemini children have the advantage in that they don’t tire of the endless prattle it takes to teach speech to a bird. A large tinkertoy set is a must with children and parakeets. Dextrous Gemini children and the agile parakeet will never tire of the little “gyms” that can be built for the bird. If you are training your parakeet to go outside on your shoulder, its wings must be clipped often; otherwise, it will try to join a flock of wild birds, something Gemini will need to be reminded of. 

CANCER: A little hermit crab in a tiny terrarium isn’t such a bad idea for a birthday gift for Crabs of all ages. But that’s not what she’d buy for herself. Cancer rules all shellfish, and this water sign would be captivated and delighted for many years by a saltwater aquarium filled with live clams, starfish, and a small school of seahorses in a coral garden. 

LEO: Leos, of course, want a kitty—any kind, any size—to spoil and study. This is, after all, the sign of the regal Lion. Deep down, they may want to own a rare breed and become immersed in cat shows. Aside from showing off themselves, Leos would love to show off their beautiful cats with gorgeous, lustrous coats and have them both be the center of attention. (Afflictions, however, to the Sun or Mercury in Leo may bring allergies to cats.) 

VIRGO: This is the sign of small pets, and pets of all kinds will be beloved, especially miniature breeds. One young Virgo lady who was thwarted from owning a pet (Sun in Virgo opposed by Mercury in Pisces) in childhood had the largest collection of stuffed animals I ever saw, and she used to capture ladybugs for her live pets. Beware, however, pets like hamsters and ferrets—they bite! But Virgos still adore them. Tiny dogs, kittens, guinea pigs, bunnies, turtles, and so on are all welcome; none are ever turned away. 

LIBRA: Though it may seem odd, Libra rules reptiles. The Dragon of the Chinese zodiac was among the stars that are now our Libra. There will probably be a dinosaur fascination in youth. Books (including coloring books) and plastic models of dinosaurs are all welcome gifts to Libra children. Young Librans will especially enjoy rearing small lizards, turtles, and harmless snakes as part of their menagerie of livelier pets. Geckos are especially cute with their suction-pad feet attached to those frail little legs. Okay—reptiles are a hard sell! If the Sun or Mercury is afflicted in Libra, there could be a fear of snakes.

 SCORPIO: No, Scorpio doesn’t have a secret wish for a little scorpion to keep her company, though Scorpio does go through her entomologist periods in youth and adulthood. One Scorpio I know wouldn’t let guests swat at her housefly. She called it her pet, and in youth she kept more than her share of bugs in bottles and is still known to chase after fireflies, though middle-aged. Scorpio lives in harmony with the buggy world more than any other sign. Don’t fret, though. She’ll throw out a bad, infested sack of flour like anyone else. Like other water signs, Scorpio likes to keep an aquarium, preferably saltwater, so she can indulge in a small collection of sea anemones, with which her sign is associated. She also likes beautiful exotic fish from the sea, preferably with strange habits. If nothing else, a little bowl with a Japanese fighting fish—with its unusual breeding habits and other behaviors—will cheer her spirits. If Mercury or the Sun is afflicted, there will be an inordinate repulsion and fear of all insects.

 SAGITTARIUS: Oh, if only Sag could keep a horse! It’s not possible in the city, though, is it? If riding stables are nearby, and the budget allows, go frequently to the same stables and hire the same horse again and again until your young Sag feels he’s adopted a horse. Many Sagittarians, of course, stable their own horses in the country while they themselves live in the city. It’s all a matter of what you can afford. Older Sagittarians will want to fill their home with horsey paraphernalia: horse blankets and pillows, ashtrays and statuettes, and, of course, paintings. A horse isn’t mandatory, though. A large dog—requiring a large yard—is often cherished and may be trained as a hunting dog. Sag also enjoys breeding and training pedigreed dogs for profit. 

CAPRICORN: Yes, Cappy can have his goat in most small towns, suburbs, and the rural areas of larger cities. Pygmy goats are perfect for rearing in the backyard, and the female gives milk. Before you say no, consider that you’ll never have to mow the lawn again, and you’ll have an excuse not to put out flowers each spring in back. (The goat is tethered to the area to be mowed on the front lawn.) They’re cute, cuddly, frisky, and affectionate, no larger than a small dog. Why not a goat? Okay. Not for apartment dwellers. So, instead, how about a loyal dog, preferably one of the more prestigious and trendy breeds? But certainly you’d love one whose loyalty is a dominant trait. 

AQUARIUS: Aquarius rules larger birds who fly far, and it will be tough on the Aquarian to clip some of his beautiful birds’ wings. Actually, he likes birds of all kinds and dreams of having a large aviary filled with flocks. Why not, if you have a patio and labor? Chicken wire is cheap. In time, though, even an aviary would hurt the Aquarian’s heart and head. All those poor animals caged up. He’ll release most and keep a few tamer birds who would suffer in the wild. It’s the Audubon Society for this adult guy. For young Aquarians see GEMINI. 

PISCES: This water baby wants an elegant aquarium, one that’s built-in, if that’s feasible. She doesn’t really need saltwater, though that’s her dream. There are so many beautiful fresh-water fish to choose from, and they’re so much easier to care for. She’ll have the time of her life decorating the aquarium with her vision of a Lost Atlantis, and she’ll make it beautiful. I’m often surprised by Pisceans who haven’t indulged in a water world. They claim they can’t afford the aquarium of their dreams—and then they’re such a mess to keep clean. Start your fish-free Piscean out with a simple yet elegant fish bowl gift to whet her appetite. It’ll take.

Copyright © 2012 Debra Tadeo

This article originally appeared September 2012 in Dell Horoscope, The World's Leading Horoscope Magazine. 

Copyright © 2015 by Dell Magazines, a division of Penny Publications, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. 

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