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The Perfect Summer Vacation
By David Holmes

The long-awaited summer vacation can bring fresh opportunities to revive a flagging marriage or an intimate relationship that has grown stale. New, exciting vistas or simply “somewhere away from it all” can provide just what is needed to bring to life dormant feelings, to reawaken the excitement of that first romantic encounter. If your vacation is to be a success, the choice of location and the style of vacation are of utmost importance. To make it work, keep in mind your partner’s likes and dislikes—and plan accordingly.

This doesn’t mean that you are to forget your own needs. Successful relationships are built on compromise; there has to be a great deal of give-and-take, and this is true just as much in deciding where to go away together as in anything else. But some insight as to what would bring the best out in you and the other party obviously helps in planning it with more intelligence. The following Sun-Sign readings can be used as a guide for planning that break you’ve been waiting to take together. 

ARIES: To bring out into full bloom the innate pioneering qualities of these individuals, the vacation should be of the bold, enterprising type. Anything and everything to do with climbing, skiing, hang gliding, etc., will see them in their element. If all this is a bit much for their hapless partner, these individuals will just as eagerly settle for exploring exotic territories, provided that they are allowed to take the initiative. They are irritated by routine and tidy schedules—the package tour is definitely not for them. They relish locations with a stark, dramatic aspect. Mountains or high cliffs overlooking the ocean will be the favorite backdrops. But most places will do, as long as they are away from tourist communities and “beach loafers.” Whatever they do and wherever they go, they can never do less than put their whole heart and soul into it. Given free rein to their ample leadership qualities, the vacation will be a triumph of excitement and adventure. 

TAURUS: For these individuals on vacation, good food and hospitality are what they want most of all, with perhaps a breathtaking view from their hotel window of the sun setting over a warm sea. They are romantics at heart and are strongly drawn to places of the “heroic old world,” such as Greece and Italy. They are extremely acquisitive and love nothing more than to browse through the bazaars and marketplaces, excited by the prospect of picking up a few bargains to take back home with them. They have acute artistic sensibilities and love to gaze at the fluted pillars of the Parthenon or the great paintings of the Renaissance. Anything too strenuous is out. They like to take things at a slow, steady pace and will not be rushed in their pleasures by anyone. They will not tolerate anything second-rate. Everything must be of the finest quality, from the house wine to the décor in the hotel room. If these conditions are satisfied, then they will please everybody with their warm, romantic glow and infectious complacency. 

GEMINI: Variety of experience should be the vacation keynote for these individuals. Each day should provide widely different stimulating though brief diversions. Trips to museums, art galleries, and parks will keep the mind of these active people occupied. The vacation should provide plenty of scope for socializing. They must be in the thick of company so that they can display their erudition and inimitable comic talent. The type of location that would suit them best would be a big city. Paris, London, New York—places that harbor an inexhaustible supply of social and cultural delights—will satisfy their electric and changeable nature. Self-catering trips are out because this would entail too much time wasted in cooking when they should be out and about, quickening their intellect at the science museum and planetarium. They like to flirt, but it shouldn’t be taken seriously. If all goes well, there should never be a dull or monotonous moment. 

CANCER: These individuals would much prefer to spend a vacation in a quiet, idyllic setting. They like nothing more than to snuggle down with their partner in a remote country cottage, beautifully situation in the midst of woods and hills, with a lake not too far away. Of course, the place must have all the traditional paraphernalia: a log fire for a little romantic warmth in the evening, oak beams, perhaps even a goat tethered in the backyard. Traditional, yes, but it must be comfortable. A leaky roof or a bed that creaks and groans will likely put them in an ill humor that will be difficult to dispel. They have a powerful imagination and the gift of heightening every experienced. They don’t need sophistication to be happy. They are in their element messing around in boats and love to wander around the waterside, perhaps with a sketch pad and pencil, exercising their considerable artistic talent. They have the remarkable knack of transforming any environment into a warm, homey one, making it easy for heartfelt emotions to be expressed and shared with tenderness. 

LEO: These individuals would rather be dead than find themselves in squalid, cheap surroundings. They can be equally at home in a campsite or five-star hotel, provided they are taken care of in the style to which they are accustomed. After all, they are doing the place the honor of being a guest there! They love company—but not so much that they become anonymous. Small social gatherings are more to their taste, where they can become the center of attention and dispense their favors to their loyal admirers. They gravitate towards locations that exhibit buildings of the grand, classical style. They feel quite at ease in majestic cathedrals and palaces and adore pomp and ceremony of any kind. Nevertheless, some of them will make straight for the beach, quite content to while away the hours basking in the hot sun. If their dignity is not affronted by the vulgar, they will be extremely gracious company, fun to be with and quite generous. 

VIRGO: These individuals prefer to shun the flashy and glamorous type of vacation, choosing instead the simple life. They are fond of the open air rather than crowded centers and are perfectly happy roughing it in a tent. They are an active lot, in their own quiet way, and enjoy nothing more than to hike across areas of natural beauty. Routine doesn’t bother them. In fact, they’re more relaxed if they can get into a steady rhythm, rising early at sunup and retiring in the early evening, satisfyingly exhausted after a day’s trekking. They don’t flourish in extremes of environment, being notoriously hypochondriacal at the best of times. Wherever they go, however, they are sure to have a comprehensive selection of medicines and potions. They enjoy exploring, but not in the big manner of the born leader. They prefer their vacation to be a well-planned campaign, down to the tiniest detail. They can be warm and delightful company, sensitive to their partner’s needs. 

LIBRA: As far as these individuals are concerned, a vacation should entail meeting as many people as possible. Not just anyone will do, of course; they must be as refined and gracious as themselves, well versed in the niceties of social intercourse. The big cities will excite them, since they can pick and choose social scenes of the right texture. Wherever they go, it must be a picture of harmony. Nothing upsets them more than squalor, ugliness, bad manners, or sloppy service. They will never give cheap plans a second thought—not so much because they desire the best for themselves, but also because their partner is deserving, in their eyes, of nothing but the best. In general, they are happy if their companion is enjoying the trip. Indecisiveness can often plague them. It is best to have the day planned out beforehand. Better still, it might be a good idea to employ the services of a reputable tour company that will suggest itineraries for the day and provide vacationers with expert guides. 

SCORPIO: These individuals are magnetically attracted to locations that are steeped in mystery. They are fascinated by the ancient world, particularly places with a magical or religious significance. They enjoy drawing power from intense, elemental surroundings, such as a tempestuous sea or lofty mountain range. For these people, a vacation is to be a deeply felt experience if it is to have any meaning at all. They are not at their best in crowded resorts. If imposed on by others, they will become resentful (although nothing will show on their cool, imperturbable exterior), which will later find an outlet that could “poison” the festive mood. They expect their partner to share with them the intensity of emotion experienced in the face of raw nature or in the presence of an ancient enigma. For their own good, however, it is often wise to pull them away from their deep meditations to somewhere lighter and a bit frivolous. A little dancing, for example, will bring their attention back to the present. 

SAGITTARIUS: For these individuals, no holiday will do unless it offers unlimited opportunity for exploration, sports, and other extroverted activities. They have boundless enthusiasm for these things and must be given scope to range far and wide. Unless their companion brings a note of realism into the vacation plans, they are likely to have a “no-holds-barred” approach, considering everything from big-game hunting in Africa to deep-sea fishing in the Pacific. They are extremely robust and can cope with conditions that lesser mortals would balk at. They should bear this in mind before they start dragging their hapless partner all over the place in pursuit of adventure. Another side to their nature is their tendency to overindulge when given half a chance. Their partner should not be afraid to order them to halt if they seem to be going over the top with unfamiliar food and drink. Nothing is more likely to wreck the vacation than a siege of sickness. 

CAPRICORN: If these individuals are left to organize a vacation on their own, they may never get beyond the front door. Their planning is so comprehensive that they can see all possible ramifications, including everything that might go wrong. If their innate caution tells them it might be safer to stay at home, they may be very hard to budge. The type of questions these individuals will be intent on asking are: “Is the place too expensive?” “Is there anywhere of better value?” They are thrifty and economical and will hold back from paying for a venture that sounds questionable. Wherever they finally decide to go, it must be a place suited to the recuperation of their vital energies that they lose at a prodigious rate by constantly worrying about the future. Their surroundings must be light and cheery, with plenty of sunshine. Ease and relaxation will help them to forget, for awhile, their heavy burdens and make them more amenable to the lighter and happier side of things. 

AQUARIUS: A vacation for these individuals should ideally be an unconventional affair. They prefer the unusual, the strange, and the unconventional. They are the most progressive thinkers of the zodiac, so you can forget the package trip or leisure camp. The type of thing they look for will most likely be found in the classified sections of alternative magazines. Whether it be an overland trek across Australia in a converted van or a caving holiday in Iceland, you can be sure they’ll cut across conventional ideas at right angles. They need company as well—but of the right kind. They love nothing more than to mix with the natives, despite the barriers of language and culture that would put off their more conservative cousins. They try to avoid places where bigotry and intolerance prevail, believing that people are all brothers and sisters under the skin. If they can resist the intrusion of conventionality into the holiday, they will be great fun and most stimulating as summer companions. 

PISCES: It is an absolute must for these individuals occasionally to retreat from the harsh demands of the world. A vacation should satisfy this need and be a period of quiet and solitude. Although they have a great empathic faculty and readily commune with nature, they can be adversely affected in the midst of striking, elemental settings. Stormy seas and dizzy cliff tops are more likely to make them melancholy than coax out their carefree and high-spirited side. A better location perhaps would be a small rural village with a lake nearby to satisfy their watery affinity. Short rambles along country lanes, plenty of fresh air, and ample sunshine will soon see their vitality wax strong. Crowds should be avoided, and it might be worthwhile to make extra checks to see that the accommodations are not unduly restrictive. They delight in wandering and soaking up natural beauty, perhaps composing a sonnet in their heads as they go along. To bring out the best in them, their companion should always strive to give positive encouragement and support them in their artistic, spiritual, and educational endeavors.


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