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The Moon’s Phases and the 28 Personality Types

By Bob Makransky

One of the most remarkable channeled documents of the past century is Nobel Prize-winning poet William Butler Yeats’ A Vision. Yeats explains how he obtained A Vision as follows: “On the afternoon of October 24th, 1917, four days after my marriage, my wife surprised me by attempting automatic writing. What came in disjointed sentences, in almost illegible writing, was so exciting, sometimes so profound, that I persuaded her to give an hour or two day after day to the unknown writer, and after some half dozen such hours offered to spend what remained of life explaining and piecing together those scattered sentences.” Yeats spent the next twenty years on this project, and in the end produced a masterpiece that contains an all-encompassing system of symbolism that has geometrical, astrological, psychological, metaphysical, and historical components—a model of the entire universe: “all thought, all history, and the difference between man and man.”

To understand the theory of reincarnation described in A Vision, it is important to realize that reincarnation does not take place within a matrix of linear time. It’s not as if, for example, you had a life in ancient Greece and then you died; then you had a life in ancient Rome and then you died; then you had a life in the Middle Ages and then you died, etc. Rather, all of your past and future lives are going on at once, in an eternal NOW moment. Think of it like this: survivors of near-death experiences often report seeing all the events that ever happened to them flash by them in no time at all. Thus it would seem that we experience the thought-forms of our lives twice—once in linear fashion over a lifetime, and the second time around in timeless fashion at the moment of death.

Similarly, while there is indeed an evolution going on in the universe, this evolution is not taking place in linear time: it’s all happening at once, and all lifetimes and realities are impinging upon and influencing one another.

Reincarnation is the cycle of birth-death-rebirth—the descent of spirit into matter (of soul into flesh) and its subsequent ascent (return to source)—whether this takes place over a myriad of lifetimes, or just one lifetime, or just one instant:

“This wheel is every completed movement of thought or life, twenty-eight incarnations, a single incarnation, a single judgment or act of thought. Man seeks his opposite or the opposite of his condition, attains his object so far as it is attainable, at Phase 15 and returns to Phase 1 again.”

This evolution is symbolized in A Vision by the Moon’s monthly synodic cycle of 28 phases: Phase 1 begins at the New Moon; Phase 8 at first quarter; Phase 15 at Full Moon; and Phase 22 at last quarter. Here’s how to calculate the lunar phase in your own horoscope.

To proceed, first take the Sun’s degree of longitude and add the following: If the Sun is in Aries, add 0Þ; if in Taurus, add 30Þ; if Gemini, add 60Þ; if Cancer, add 90Þ; if Leo, add 120Þ; if Virgo, add 150Þ; if Libra, add 180Þ; if Scorpio, add 210Þ; if Sagittarius, add 240Þ; if Capricorn, add 270Þ; if Aquarius, add 300Þ; if Pisces, add 330Þ. Next, take the Sun’s minutes of longitude and divide by 60. Combine the two numbers. Follow the same procedure using the Moon’s longitudinal position. Example: Longitude Sun = 22 GE 51 and Longitude Moon = 19 AQ 47. Adding 60Þ to 22Þ, the Sun’s degree, gives 82Þ; then, dividing the Sun’s minutes by 60 gives .85. Adding these two numbers gives 82.85 as the Sun’s value. Following the same procedure for the Moon results in 319.783.

Next, subtract the Sun’s value from the Moon’s (Note: Add 360° to the longitude of the Moon if it is less than the Sun’s longitude before subtracting it from the Moon’s longitude.):

319.783 minus 82.85 = 236.933.

After subtracting, multiply the resulting number by 28 then divide by 360. Finally, drop the numbers following the decimal then add 1 to the remaining integer. Example: 236.933 x 28 / 360 = 18.428. Dropping .428 leaves 18. Adding 1 to 18 results in Lunar Phase 19.

People’s lunar phases show how they fit themselves into their immediate social group: what role they play. It shows their customary mood, their self-presentation, the way they introduce themselves (so to speak) in casual, tête-à-tête relationships (and particularly when meeting someone for the first time). Their lunar phase shows how people put their best foot forward. It’s their come-on, their spiel, how they convince others, which usually works better on casual acquaintances than with intimates. The lunar phase shows people’s self-projection.

When people are following their true purpose in this lifetime—the reason why they incarnated—then they are said to be acting in phase. True purpose is what Carlos Castaneda’s teacher Don Juan termed the “mood of a warrior.” It’s what makes people feel good rather than smug; satisfied rather than self-satisfied; like they are fulfilling their destiny rather than scoring little points for themselves. True purpose is how people inspire others and are able to make a contribution of themselves. Conversely, when a person is being self-indulgent or self-pitying and is wasting this incarnation, then they are said to be acting out of phase.

The four lunar quarters symbolize the four ages of mankind—childhood, adolescence, maturity, and old age—so as the cycle progresses there is a greater depth of feeling and enlarged sensitivity to, and appreciation for, meaning rather than stimulation.

First Quarter Phases (1 through 7) are INSTINCTIVE: these phases are naïve, youthful, vigorous, impulsive, artless, simple of manner, solipsistic.

Second Quarter Phases (8 through 14) are EMOTIONAL: these phases are more sociable, taking other people into account—accommodating and appealing rather than blunt and blustery.

Third Quarter Phases (15 through 21) are INTELLECTUAL: these phases are concerned with conviction, truth, right, principles, abstract and philosophical thought.

Last Quarter Phases (22 through 28) are MORAL: these phases are aloof, reflective, cautious, immovable, and have a sense of obligation or incumbency, of ultimate meaning and purpose.

The first two quarters, from New to Full Moon (Phases 1 through 14) represent the descent of spirit into matter: the natives become more and more individualized as the cycle progresses (with an increasing sense of isolation and anguish). These phases are termed Antithetical = Subjective = emotional and aesthetic => aristocratic—tends to separate man from man => expresses our inner world of desire and imagination.

The last two quarters, from Full Moon to New Moon (Phases 15 through 28) represent the ascent of spirit to source: the natives lose individuality as the cycle progresses (with an increasing sense of dissolution into something greater than the self). These phases are termed Primary = Objective = reasonable and moral => democratic—brings us back to the mass where we began => expresses that objectivity of mind that treats of outward things and events rather than of inward thought.

The two extreme cases—Phase 1 (complete subjectivity) and Phase 15 (complete objectivity)—are summarized in the table on the previous page.

Phase 1

Sun-You are spunky, audacious, and exuberant; and you operate on knee-jerk impulse with little need for explanations, apologies, or excuses. You are mischievous, lighthearted, and intent on perfecting your particular skills and talents. You have a pioneering spirit and are always ready to fly with your hunches. You have a genius for riding the moment—trusting in your own intuition and in the power of the universe to support you and to catch you when you leap. Your jaunty, cocky optimism is wholly centered in the moment, and lends you a zesty joie de vivre. Out of phase, your unshakable self-certainty and insistence on doing things your own way can be extremely brazen and pigheaded—steamrolling over other people’s sensibilities. You can be unreasonably stubborn, unflinching, and unyielding, which at times makes it difficult for you to see anyone else’s point of view. In phase, you possess a calm self-assurance, single-mindedness, and an all-consuming purposefulness that cannot be deflected or halted. 

Phase 2

Venus-You are good-natured, friendly, and outgoing; and you possess an unabashed alacrity and gusto. You are tolerant and inviting, and your blithe insouciance and whimsical good humor immediately put you on a personal basis with everyone you meet. Your cool efficiency and your unbothered economy of manner keep the group setting light and on an even keel. Although you take a benevolent interest in other people, you nonetheless keep yourself rather aloof and don’t permit anyone to jog you off your pins or to bring you down. Out of phase, you are inclined to be flippant—heedless of other people’s sensibilities and dismissive of their feelings—when real sympathy and commitment are called for. In phase, you win people over with your sense of personal style and flair, and your feel for the grand gesture. 

Phase 3

Mercury-You are brisk, breezy, and saucy, with a droll and ironic point of view and a sardonic sense of humor. You are unbothered and carefree, refusing to take things too seriously or to bog yourself down in sticky involvements. You are very clear mentally, possessing a shrewd understanding of human frailty and the Machiavellian convolutions of everyday society. You are quick on your feet and ever ready with a pithy response or remark. Out of phase, your aversion to nuance and complexity can make you overly trifling and difficult to pin down; and your blasé and chintzy impertinence can be extremely annoying to others. In phase, your blithe cheerfulness and your clever and incisive patter provide a leavening of lively confabulation to any group of which you are a part. 

Phase 4

Moon-You have a soft, gentle, non-threatening manner that disarms people and puts them at ease. People can see right through you because you have nothing in particular to hide—what they see is what they get. You are a sympathetic listener, and you are genuinely interested in and solicitous for other people and their feelings. You have no particular axes to grind; and your unaffected, aboveboard reasonableness wins people over: they find your thoughts and ideas sensible and realistic; and they appreciate your good common sense and integrity. Out of phase, you can be overly temporizing and vague—off on your own tangent and not really there when commitment or decisions are called for. In phase, your gentility and willingness to take other people’s feelings into account win the trust of all who know you. 

Phase 5

Saturn-You are serious, dignified, even haughty; and you come on strong with a cocky bravura and the sense that you are not to be crossed or trifled with. You take pride in your competence, and you punctiliously discharge your responsibilities. You are stubborn, unflinching, and ready to roll up your sleeves and tackle anything. You follow your own star come hell or high water, and your single-mindedness and utter confidence in yourself bowl people right over, or at least incline them to yield rather than try to obstruct you. Out of phase, you can be overly touchy and quick to react and take umbrage; as a result, others may find you overbearing and bumptious. Your tendency to see everything in black-and-white terms provokes conflicts unwittingly, and your self-certainty listens to no one. In phase, in their proper moment, your quixotic idealism and can-do spirit win people to your side. 

Phase 6

Jupiter-You have a placid, agreeable, imperturbable presence that is soothing and inviting. You are positive and optimistic, always looking for the good in other people and the situations you encounter. Your candidness and gentility quickly put people at their ease. You are a good listener; are solicitous for other people; and you are quick to defend the helpless and downtrodden. You don’t make waves or push yourself forward, but take things evenly as they come; and you always try to throw oil on troubled waters. This is not to say that you are a pushover or patsy—you know how to make a stand when that is necessary; and you are unshakable in your convictions. If faced with unalterable opposition, you are quite ready to go it alone; and, out of phase, you can be quite prissy and huffy. In phase, you prefer reaching out for understanding and accord rather than scoring points for yourself; and you always remain true to your principles. 

Phase 7

Mars-You are headstrong, certain, even bumptious. You have faith that you are equal to anything, and you easily assume your rightful place in any company of people. You are outspoken, sassy, and impudent (on the negative side, swaggering), with a saucy mischievousness and an irreverent sense of humor. You get your way with people by charm and cleverness when possible; but you are also capable of digging in your heels and stonewalling—wearing down any opponent with adamant obduracy—when your shrewdness and wiles fail you. Your buoyant and good-natured brass and irony are usually more winning than presumptuous, although out of phase you do exhibit something of a know-it-all superiority and aloofness that refuses to take other people seriously. In phase, you have the courage of your convictions and the ability to fearlessly take a position and stand your ground, which reassures and inspires other people. 

Phase 8

Sun-You are dignified, self-possessed, and self-contained. You have a highly original and individualistic point of view, and you are also very creative (you may possess considerable artistic ability; but in any case you have a unique vision and novel ideas). You have something of a carefree, devil-may-care insouciance—you don’t permit anyone to enter your space or to bring you down. You hearken to the beat of a distant drum, go your own way, and do your own thing; and you require very little in the way of support or approval from other people. Although you are outgoing and sociable—even chatty—you nonetheless hold yourself above the common throng and can be vague or perfunctory in relationships. Out of phase, you are rather cold and indifferent, keeping other people at arm’s length with an above-it-all haughtiness. Intimates may find you callous and insensitive to their feelings or believe that you put following your own star above commitment or obligation. In phase, your positive self-assurance and can-do spirit sustain you through any difficulties. 

Phase 9

Venus-You are soft-spoken, gentle, and low-key and are a keen observer of the passing scene. You are open and candid and have good people skills. You are quite clear mentally and not afraid to say out loud that which everyone else is thinking secretly. You are attuned to subtleties and nuances and are quick to pick up and address underlying feelings and the mood of the moment. As you are resourceful and clever and possess a good sense of humor and an irrepressible, can-do spirit, you are always able to make the best of things and to take advantage of whatever opportunities are at hand. Out of phase, your facility for shrugging off disappointment and not taking setbacks to heart—for distancing yourself from unpleasantness with a lofty reserve—can at times make you annoyingly smug, self-satisfied, and superior. In phase, you are adaptable and conciliatory and quick to defend the helpless. 

Phase 10

Mercury-You are unpretentious, down-to-earth, and real, with an unabashed candidness and intimacy of manner that other people find disarming and inviting. You possess a humane, concerned affability together with a practical, sensible, and levelheaded discernment. You are earnest, sincere, and companionable, with a clear intuition into human motivation and a sympathetic appreciation for human limitation. Outgoing and gregarious, you are no shrinking violet, but stand up for your principles with high moral courage and outspoken gumption. Out of phase, your overly refined sensibilities take exaggerated umbrage at slight; and you can evince a tart, sassy superciliousness. In phase, you put everything on a basis of good common sense and are the voice of calm reason and good judgment in any group. 

Phase 11

Moon-You are soft-spoken, humble, and self-effacing. You have a welcoming demeanor and a knowing twinkle in your eye, have nothing to hide or be ashamed of, and are inimitably yourself at all times. You possess an ease and a naturalness of manner that allow you to feel at home and assume your rightful place in any group. Your unimpeachable integrity makes you a model of forbearance for other people. Because you shy away from disharmony and are loathe to initiate confrontation, out of phase you can be overly given to compromise and are inclined to put up with unacceptable conditions that should be addressed directly. In phase, your calm presence and emotional stability enable everyone around you to just relax and live and let live. 

Phase 12

Saturn-You are pensive and introspective, and you have a unique and well thought-out philosophy of life. You possess a frank, forward, and bluff social manner with little capacity for duplicity or guile, so people know you to be true to your word and firm in your convictions. Notwithstanding your grave and serious manner, you do possess a droll, ironic, or gallows sense of humor and are able to take a detached and long-range view of things. You thoroughly weigh the consequences before acting in order to anticipate possible pitfalls, and you try to take everyone’s viewpoint into account. Out of phase, your suspiciousness and deliberativeness can make you overly hesitant and vacillating, and therefore easily dominated or taken advantage of. You readily close up into yourself with a touchy pride, and you take refuge in a dark, brooding moodiness. In phase, you always undertake more than your fair share of the load so as to be able to acquit yourself with dignity and honor. 

Phase 13

Jupiter-You are amiable and obliging and possess a charitable and benevolent civility that lends a touch of good manners and decorum to any group situation. Your genial bonhomie and benign interest in other people soothe them and put them at their ease. You naturally assume the position of the impartial arbiter or ombudsman, and you always try to assure that everyone gets a sympathetic hearing and a fair shake. Out of phase, your studied neutrality and your predilection for peace and harmony can turn a deaf ear to blame or criticism; and your refined sensibilities can make you overly remote, delicate, and fastidious. In phase, you always try to ameliorate inequities and to smooth out any points of dispute; and your poised and affable manner and commitment to fair play assure a mutual respect and accommodation. 

Phase 14

Mars-You are self-assured, cocky, and tenacious; ready to tackle anything; and not afraid to call a spade a spade. You are highly individualistic with considerable personal flair and bravado, and you go your own way and do your own thing without a fare-thee-well. You are hard-working, dedicated, and exacting; and you make a fetish of self-sufficiency and self-reliance. You dislike depending upon other people, and you bristle at any sort of outside restriction or restraint. You are quite willing to go to any extreme to make a point, which out of phase can become an impatient, autocratic contrariness—being gratuitously brusque and pugnacious, and creating struggle where there really is no need. In phase, your bold and stouthearted independence of spirit and your uncompromising integrity are an inspiration to all who know you. 

Phase 15

Sun-You are ronnie dreamy and idealistic, tuned in to your own wavelength, and always following your own star. You stand apart from your social milieu, not so much because you are a misfit as because you are very intuitive and completely devoted to your own private vision. You are blithe and oblivious to second thoughts, are willing to throw all caution to the winds in order to follow your own destiny, and really don’t care what anyone thinks of you. You often feel isolated and anguished; nonplussed by the demands of the real world; with a childlike perplexity at the artificiality and arbitrariness of everyday society. You may be a dutiful spouse and parent, but this is more in response to your own sense of obligation than it is a heartfelt warmth or sympathy. Out of phase, you are secretive, uncommunicative, and quite capable of turning stone cold and cutting other people off emotionally. In phase you possess an unshakable faith in your own inner voice and are a model of originality and fearlessness. 

Phase 16

Venus-You have a mild, pleasant personality, a genteel manner, and a hopeful and optimistic slant on life. You make an effort to please and be pleasing; and no matter how badly things are going, you always look on the bright side. You are encouraging of other people and appreciative of their efforts, so you are an influence for harmony and conciliation in any group setting. You shy from conflict and unpleasantness; and as a result, when out of phase you can be vague and noncommittal when decision is called for, or else be willing to put up with intolerable conditions rather than speak out or stand up for yourself. In phase, your cheerfulness and your positive and upbeat outlook inspire hope and goodwill in others. 

Phase 17

Mercury-You are bright, keen, and outfront; and you possess a penetrating analytical mind together with a depth of sensibility. There is an unvarnished artlessness and truthfulness in both your speech and comportment, so people take you at your word and appreciate your honesty and candor. You possess a profound understanding and empathy—a conscientious fidelity to principle and an ability to see past momentary difficulties to ultimate ends—which lends gravity to your words and compels other people’s respect and deference. Out of phase, your overreliance on your own perspicacity can make you unduly sensitive and fussy, with a smug self-certainty and stubborn contrariness. In phase, your strength of character and plainspoken integrity lead other people to believe in and to rely upon you. 

Phase 18

Moon-You have a friendly, inviting manner and a pixie-like twinkle in your eye. You have a naive wistfulness and an ethereal vulnerability that other people find appealing; and your earthy naturalness and unvarnished frankness incline them to take you at your word. You have high ideals and a strong determination to live up to them. You brim with enthusiasm and good cheer: you are gregarious and chatty and are quite forthcoming and candid about what is on your mind. Since you march to the beat of a distant drum and are on your own wavelength much of the time, when out of phase you’re not always there for people when serious commitment is called for. You dislike complexities and nuances, and you shrink from entanglements. In phase, your eternal hopefulness and your positive and optimistic attitude are an inspiration to everyone who knows you.

Phase 19

Saturn-You are disciplined, assiduous, and diligent; and you possess a no-nonsense, get-down-to-business practicality. You have the ability to focus completely upon the path beneath your feet, and you are dedicated, persistent, and thorough. While you ultimately depend upon no one but yourself, you are nonetheless quite sociable and outgoing. Your earnestness and seriousness of purpose convince people of your sincerity; and your passionate and high-minded idealism give you the knack of enlisting the enthusiastic support of others in implementing your own goals and dreams. Out of phase, you can be rather pushy, brusque, and bruising; overly intent upon your own designs and inclined to give short shrift to other points of view. In phase, your conscientiousness, resolve, and tenacity get you through any difficulty; and your hopefulness is an inspiration to everyone who knows you. 

Phase 20

Jupiter-Your have a smooth, suave ease of manner and a witty and ironic view of life. Your bland, dignified self-assurance makes itself at home and is able to relax in any company. You possess a shrewd and knowing view of the passing scene; and you are consciously attuned to the unspoken vibrations and hidden motivations that pass back and forth beneath the surface. You have a mischievous, conspiratorial look in your eye that people find infectious and that sways them to see things your way, and to go along with your ideas and plans. Your humorous running commentary on people and their foibles is both apt and convincing. You hold to your own course and keep yourself apart from partisan commitment, so that, when out of phase, intimates may find you overly reserved, distant, and indifferent to their feelings. In phase, you maintain an affable courtesy and unruffled graciousness at all times. 

Phase 21

Mars-You are high-minded, idealistic, and unadorned. You look people directly in the eye and have an unvarnished directness of manner. You are businesslike and efficient, doing what is required in the moment with a minimum of commotion or taking things personally. You are always quite candid and frank about what is on your mind; and you win people over with your sincerity and earnestness. Although there is definitely an autocratic streak in you, you are able to get your way with people by being aboveboard, ingenuous, and naively incapable of guile. Out of phase, you can be rather lacking in subtlety; at times you can be stubbornly obtuse and deaf to others’ viewpoints and feelings. As a result, you often feel isolated and misunderstood. You carry a careworn air, a sense of onus or burden. In phase, you are always punctilious in fulfilling—even exceeding—your duties and obligations; and in being true to your principles. 

Phase 22

Sun-You are natural, unpretentious, and unassuming; and you have a gentle and approachable personal manner. There is something plaintive about you: good-hearted, but with some sort of preoccupation or shadow upon you. In conversation you are straightforward and unassuming—glib without being pushy or presumptuous. Although you are gregarious and gracious with people, you are basically a private person. You have a strong sense of personal space—other people’s and your own; and just as you don’t intrude upon others’ space, neither do you permit anyone to intrude upon yours. You are slow to anger or take offense; but out of phase, you can be vacillating and indecisive. When in phase, you have an unshakable core of inner worth and fitness—a nobility of spirit and character—which shines through and illuminates all your actions. 

 Phase 23

Venus-You are gracious, sympathetic, and understanding and have genuinely benevolent impulses. You are always polite and cordial, and you try to be helpful to other people. You possess a disinterested goodwill and a readiness to serve and uplift others. You are high-principled, with a strong sense of personal accountability and moral imperative, and your fundamental decency and fairness lead other people to instinctively trust and rely upon you. When out of phase, your depth and delicacy of feeling can make you overly touchy and huffy, liable to feeling ill-used or victimized, and inclined to withdraw and brood. Although your dark moods can weigh heavily upon the people around you, nonetheless, when in phase, your constancy and faithfulness inspire optimism and hopefulness in everyone you meet. 

Phase 24

Mercury-You are lively, self-assured, and voluble; and you possess a detached, philosophical take on life. You are definite, even blunt, in manner; and in conversation you cut directly to the chase with a minimum of double-talk or fuss, so people tend to believe in you. You reassure people with your calm certainty and faith in yourself. You are imperturbable and have an unshakable rectitude; your well-reasoned and realistic appraisals are acute and sagacious. Out of phase, your single-minded tenacity and tendency to be off on your own tangent, or up on your own cloud somewhere, can make you gratuitously brusque and heedless, insensitive to other people’s viewpoints and oblivious to their feelings. In phase, your positive and winning alacrity convinces others and makes you an inspiring model and teacher. 

Phase 25

Moon-You are outgoing and friendly, with a frank and open countenance and a conspiratorial glint. You have a rough, artless simplicity; and you are plainspoken and overt in manner. You lend a sympathetic ear to other people’s feelings and are solicitous for their well-being. You wear your heart on your sleeve, can be overly naïve and trusting, and have little ability to dissemble or finesse. When out of phase, you are easily wounded and offended, and you carry a rather plaintive, doleful air. You protect yourself by being vague and non-committal, unwilling to be pinned down or compromised. When in phase, your hopefulness, faith, and positive attitude—your assurance that everything will work out for the best—bolster the confidence and security of the people around you. 

Phase 26

Saturn-You are self-assured, conscientiousness, and know that you are any person’s equal. You are punctilious, scrupulous, and meticulous in fulfilling your responsibilities and carrying out your duty. You are proper and correct, possess a noble bearing and carriage, and hold your head up high. You take pride in your fitness and have a strong sense of stateliness and propriety. You also possess a shrewd, analytical mind; you are perspicacious and insightful and no one’s fool. Out of phase, your thorough-going attention to detail and precise fussiness can grate on the sensibilities of other people. They may find your stiff and particular fastidiousness overdone, even though they respect your well-meaning and honorable intentions. In phase, your dependability and constancy win people’s trust and esteem. 

Phase 27

Jupiter-You possess a true spirit of good-natured fellowship, objectivity, and fair play, together with a profound empathy and understanding. You are down-to-earth and realistic, and you see things with great clarity, sensitivity, and compassion. You are able to communicate your outlook with humility and sincerity, and your calm and resolute conduct is a steadying influence upon other people. As you are motivated by a deep sense of moral responsibility, you are the disinterested voice for equability and moderation in any group. You are always courteous and cordial in manner, and have a reserved—even reticent—tactfulness and diplomacy. Your imperturbable nonchalance when out of phase can become overly sedate and demure—turn into a chintzy, self-satisfied stolidity. In phase, your high idealism and unruffled sangfroid cope with all problems with a dignified composure and detachment. 

Phase 28

Mars-You are concentrated, intent, and focused upon the path beneath your feet. You are scrupulous, mindful, and painstaking and are willing to go to any length and endure any hardship in order to uphold your principles and to fulfill your duty. You are thorough, meticulous, and attentive to detail. You have a profound insight into people’s motives and are attuned to the emotional undercurrents in any situation. Albeit friendly and outgoing on the surface, you are basically a watcher: you keep your distance, maintain a wary vigilance over the proceedings, and zealously guard your privacy. Out of phase, you have a sullen moodiness that holds people at bay—a stiff rectitude and sanctimoniousness that others find intimidating. In phase, your probity and conscientiousness make you a model to other people of constancy and honor.

This article originally appeared July 2012 in Dell Horoscope, The World's Leading Horoscope Magazine. 

Copyright © 2015 by Dell Magazines, a division of Penny Publications, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. 

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