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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our March issue our featured sign is Pisces
Next month, check back to see November featured sign, Aries.

Pisces communicates more through feelings than through words. It is therefore important for you to have friends and lovers who are sensitive to your moods and needs. You may not have the words all the time to tell them exactly how you are feeling. If you are surrounding yourself with people who cannot tune into you, and as a result you feel consistently rejected and frustrated, perhaps it is time to seek out people of a more compassionate nature. You also like to express yourself through music, art, and your spiritual life. Finding friends and partners who share these interests will be a source of great pleasure and satisfaction for you. 

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign Pisces, with all of the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We shall also be mentioning a pitfall or two, so you might want to pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Pisces with Aries: Don’t expect Pisces to respond openly to every suggestion that Aries makes. The Fish is usually more of an introvert than the expressive Ram. In this respect, Pisces takes in what Aries has to say. As Aries likes to take the lead in conversations—and in everything else—the Ram will enjoy Pisces’ company, knowing that in the Fish, Aries has found a compassionate and understanding listener. 

Pisces with Taurus: You should both get along quite well, as you are both very sensitive people who are careful with your words and feelings. As a rule, Pisces and Taurus get along quite well. You both like art and are especially fond of music. You may often decide to talk less and listen to one another’s CD’s, dance, and make love. Taurus brings the practical view of things into all conversations, while Pisces tends to be more lighthearted and philosophical. Together you are an unbeatable team for making dreams a reality. 

Pisces with Gemini: As Gemini is air and Pisces is water, you may find that it is not easy for you to find a common ground for communicating. Pisces is quite emotional by nature, while Gemini tends to be mental. While Pisces likes to go deeply into a conversation and pull out all sorts of hidden meanings, Gemini prefers to skip from topic to topic. Movies, music, and pop culture should all be shared topics of interest. 

Pisces with Cancer: This is a great combination, as both of you can be very compassionate to the other person’s feelings. You will also find that listening to music together is something that helps you to talk to one another. You both like romantic settings and are especially fond of being near the water. Be clear with one another about what really concerns you. You can both be secretive, and it is important to express yourselves openly to one another. 

Pisces with Leo: Pisces likes to go with the flow and finds Leo to be charming, amusing, and full of creative energy. If Pisces is not fully involved in conversation with Leo, Leo should not get too alarmed or hurt. The truth is that Pisces is always off in his or her own world. and it may be hard to completely involve the celestial Fish  in the Lion’s enthusiasm. Pisces will give so much and then pull back. At this time, Leo needs to let go of his or her concerns and inquire where Pisces is, what the Fish is thinking about, and what Pisces’s real feelings are about the matters at hand. 

Pisces with Virgo: You live at opposite ends of the cosmos, yet in many ways can complement one another. Pisces is always willing to understand and be supportive, helping Virgo to perceive a deeper meaning about the issues at hand. Virgo, as the more practical one of the two, offers Pisces a helping hand when it comes to the how-tos of life. 

Pisces with Libra: Pisces is receptive and understanding. Libra is friendly and a most pleasant person with whom to share ideas. The two of you will get along quite well and enjoy one another’s company. In addition to communicating with words, you also enjoy sharing your love of music and art. 

Pisces with Scorpio: Pisces is a very receptive and understanding sign. In this case, it will be Scorpio that will be doing most of the talking for a change, while Pisces listens with a compassionate ear to all of Scorpio’s secrets. 

Pisces with Sagittarius: In most of your conversations, Sagittarius will do the talking and Pisces the listening. It is important that Sagittarius realize that even if Pisces is not saying much, he or she is very sensitive to what the Centaur is saying. Pisces, on the other hand, may have to use a most important phrase in order to get his or her opinions heard. This is "Stop, I have something to say!" spoken very directly so that Sagittarius will hear you. 

Pisces with Capricorn: Pisces is a very intuitive and sensitive sign. It can therefore be very helpful to Capricorn in giving the Mountain Goat a wider perspective on life. Capricorn, on the other hand, can aid the dreamy Pisces in separating fact from fantasy. 

Pisces with Aquarius: In this case, Pisces will be doing the vast majority of the listening and Aquarius will certainly be the main speaker. Yet if Aquarius encourages Pisces to give her real opinion about the person or topic under discussion, Aquarius will find that Pisces not only has been listening, but she has been listening very profoundly. The Water-Bearer should be prepared for some answers from the Fish that are totally unexpected. Pisces should not get too upset if the emotional content in the conversation is minimal, as Aquarius is more filled with ideas than with feeling. 

Pisces with Pisces: You may find that when you are together, there are many times that you do not talk at all. Your communication can come with a glance, a smile, or just a silent nod of the head. You may also like to communicate through music or art, playing instruments or painting together. It is quite normal that when two Pisces are together at a movie or a museum, you need few words to share the experience.

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