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Love Sign Relationship
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FOR our August issue our featured sign is Leo.
Next month, check back to see September featured sign, Virgo.

Leo usually does not have any communication problems. Well, perhaps one—you like to dominate most conversations! The truth is that you are quite expressive and can be very dramatic in your ways of self-expression. Your partner may be less forthcoming and more restrained that your passionate, fiery self. Be patient with friends and lovers. Encourage them to come forward and share how they are feeling and to express what they are thinking. You will find that your relationships will improve significantly, in terms of both your intimate partnerships and friendships, if you do not have to hold center stage all the time. I know that it is hard to believe it sometimes—especially when you are looking good and turned on—but all the signs of the zodiac are equal. Yes, Leo may shine more brightly than most and certainly may be better dressed with fabulous hair, but deep inside of everyone is the feeling that they are also special. Letting people know that you think that this is true, that you love this friend, family member, or lover because of his or her specialness, will only result in more love for you.

In the following passages, we are going to compare your sign Leo with all the twelve signs of the zodiac to see how you may best communicate with others. We will also mention a pitfall or two, so you might want to pay close attention. For more information on your love signs, order your Dell Horoscope Yearbook today! 

Leo with Aries: A great combination for creative communication. Usually success in shared projects is assured when these two signs put their heads together. Watch out for egotism, however. Leo often seeks to have any conversation revolve around his or her thoughts, opinions, or activities. Aries can feel challenged by this, as the Ram is definitely the "me first" sign. But you both have fiery natures that blend well together and major clashes are usually avoided. 

Leo with Taurus: Often not the easiest of pairs, as Leo tends to dominate any conversation while Taurus can remain unimpressed by Leo’s animated words. Leo should not mistake Taurus’s silence for the fact that Taurus has nothing to say. Taurus likes to talk a lot but needs the space and the time to say what is on his mind. To communicate well with the Bull, the Lion has to hold back and even encourage Taurus to open up. If not, the Lion will encounter a very resentful Bull. Taurus should also let Leo know from time to time that he appreciates what the Lion is speaking about. 

Leo with Gemini: You guys can really live it up and enjoy yourselves. One of your favorite topics of conversation will be how you can have fun together. Both of you like good times and can endlessly stimulate each other’s spirit of adventure. If you have children, a lot of your activities will center on being with them and inventing new games and experiences to share. 

Leo with Cancer: This is not always the easiest combination for good communication. Leo often likes to be heard more than he likes to listen. Cancer can be shy and may not tell Leo that it is Cancer’s turn to talk. In addition, Cancer has to feel that the person with him or her really cares about what Cancer is feeling. Leo may have to learn how to communicate on a more subtle level and Cancer may have to be bolder, if the two of you are going to make it. 

Leo with Leo: You will have to make an agreement to pay attention to one another and not try to outdo one another in your conversation. Leo is ruled by the Sun and the Sun is the center of the solar system. Consequently, each Leo likes to be the center of attention and has a hard time when another person, especially another Leo, is holding forth and occupying center stage. So be as attentive and polite to the other Leo with whom you are speaking as you would want him or her to be towards you. 

Leo with Virgo: This may not be the easiest of combinations. Leo likes things blown up and larger than life. Virgo is more concerned with the practical details of everyday things. Virgo may not understand Leo’s need to exaggerate and play it big. Leo may become bored with Virgo’s critical eye and the ways that the Virgin can make something out of nothing. You will really have to work at being understanding of one another’s differences to communicate correctly with one another. 

Leo with Libra: The two of you can communicate quite well together. In the first place, Libra makes it easy, as the celestial Scales like to get along with everyone. Leo is basically an "up" sign, much preferring to laugh and have a good time than to wear a frown and be pessimistic. Libra will be quite happy to share time with such an upbeat sign as Leo and, as for the Lion or Lioness, well—Leos always likes people to pay attention to what they are saying and Libra is a perfect partner. 

Leo with Scorpio: This is not the easiest of combinations for romantic communication. Leo is right out in front, saying what he thinks and feeling what he feels. Scorpio is far more secretive, often eager to listen to Leo but reluctant to share what is really going on within his own secretive head. Although Leos like to hear themselves speak, if they are interested in you, they will also want you to be honest and easy with them. It takes a lot to get to know a Scorpio, as Leo soon finds out. 

Leo with Sagittarius: The two of you can chatter on forever. You both have a lot of fiery energy and will find that you motivate one another. This is one of the best combinations for communication, as you not only talk about things, you do them! You both like to have fun in life and will find numerous things that you have in common that make your shared experience an adventurous and enjoyable one. 

Leo with Capricorn: Your two signs are not the most compatible, as Leo tends to be upbeat and fun-loving, while Capricorn at heart is a serious kind of person. In terms of conversation, Capricorn tends to be rather practical and down-to-earth. Leo, on the other hand, is full of whimsy and play. While Capricorn may want to use your time together to resolve problems and speak about financial issues, Leo wants to let go of all of that, tell jokes, and keep things light. 

Leo with Aquarius: You live at opposite ends of the sky. This means that you can be the perfect complement for one another or the direct opposite. In terms of communication, Leo likes to keep things personal: you and me and me and you (and a lot about me!). Aquarius likes to be more impersonal: let’s talk about issues in the news and our mutual friends. Leo can find Aquarius’s distance to be a bit boring sometimes, while Aquarius can find Leo’s need to be very personal to be a heavy weight on your relationship. 

Leo with Pisces: Pisces likes to “go with the flow" and finds Leo to be charming, amusing, and full of creative energy. But, then, Leo should not get too alarmed or hurt if Pisces is not fully involved in your conversation. The truth is that Pisces is always off in his or her own world, and it may be hard to involve the celestial Fish completely in the Lion’s enthusiasm. Pisces will give so much and then pull back. At this time, Leo needs to let go of his or her concerns and inquire into where Pisces is at, what the Fish is thinking about, and what Pisces’s real feelings are about the matters at hand.

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