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Are You Soul Mates?

By Alex O’ Toole

How many times have you heard a couple joyfully announce to their friends and the world that, “they are soul mates,” only to find out later that the relationship had deteriorated into “hate-mates”? This raises the question as to whether soul mates actually exist or whether it is just some fanciful romantic dream. Still, most of us have at one time or another experienced a relationship that was so intense that it was beyond words to describe, and to be parted from one’s mate was pure agony; while in their presence, it was Shangri-La. Yet even these romances seem to have had some kind of built-in life-expectancy, which causes the flame of passion to be extinguished. Many esoteric astrologers hold that almost all relationships, whether romantic, familial, or otherwise, have some connection to a previous incarnation/s, and that in many of these, karmaplays a major role, while in certain other special cases two people may indeed be soul mates. This article will provide the reader with the astrological tools so that she can determine if a relationship has some connection to a past life and if there may be some positive or even negative karma involved or why some relationships just seem to dissolve suddenly, and, most importantly, prove whether two people may indeed be soul mates. 

One of the more reliable sources for the concept of soul mates can be found in the ancient Hebrew system of mysticism called the Kabbalah. Legend has it that the Angels first gave the Kabbalah to Adam just before he was evicted from the Garden of Eden and that it was eventually passed on to Seth, then to Noah and Abraham, who in turn transmitted it to the Hebrew high priests. Rabbi Ginsburg noted in his book, The Kabbalah, that prior to entering the material world the soul is androgynous, male and female, but it bifurcates into two souls—one male, one female—and through a series of incarnations in the material world, the two are eventually reunited.1 Another veiled source for the concept of soul mates is found in the “creation” of Eve in Genesis, which was written by Moses, who was schooled in the Kabbalah. Adam states that Eve is “bone of my bones and flesh of my flesh.” Thus begins the eternal quest: Eve searches for Adam and Adam searches for Eve, each for their other half. 

To determine the possibility that two people may have had a relationship in some past incarnation and that there is some karmic link between them, or perhaps that they may even be soul mates, we can use a procedure called, “inter-chart analysis.” This is where the natal chart of one partner is compared to the other partner’s natal chart.2 The astrological patterns between natal charts are called “inter-chart aspects.” These are basically the same as planetary aspects within an individual’s natal chart, except now the natal planets of one subject are being transferred into the other subject’s natal chart to see if they make aspects to each other and whether these patterns suggest some possible past-life connection between them.3 The orbsthat I prefer to use for these inter-chart aspects are basically the same as for natal-chart aspects. The branch of astrology that deals with past lives is called Esoteric Astrology, a system where the horoscope is viewed as soul-centered rather than geo-centered.4 It is also held in this system of astrology that the soul is drawn to an exact date, time, and location of birth so that the astrological patterns within the natal chart are a reflection of the soul’s many previous journeys upon this earthly sphere. 

There are certain elements of the zodiac that are symbolic of previous incarnations, and these will help to establish whether two people had known each other in some former existence. These are called past-life elements, and include one’s Ascendant, Moon, Saturn, South Node, and the Part of Destiny. Some esoteric astrologers also use Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, but these tend to be more inter-generational, where groups of souls have been reincarnated together on a mass-karmic stage. In addition, the symbolism of other personal elements, such as Mercury, Venus, Mars, and Jupiter, along with their zodiacal signs, house placements, and aspects made to the past-life elements, will all provide additional information as to the possible nature of past relationships. 

In Esoteric Astrology, it is held that the current Ascendant sign was the Sun-Sign of the subject in its last incarnation. Thus, the Ascendant’s zodiacal sign and any aspects made to it will provide clues as to what is being brought back from that former incarnation and into the present one, and this includes relationships. In addition, when a subject’s current Sun is in the same zodiac sign as the Ascendant, this suggests that they are repeating certain life experiences all over again from the last incarnation.5 The reason for the latter observation is that the Sun is symbolic of the subject’s current life, while the Ascendant is linked to the last incarnation. 

When doing an inter-chart analysis between two people who are in a relationship, if their Ascendants make patterns to each other or to other past-life elements, this is a good indication that there may have been some previous connection between the two souls in the last life. The zodiacal sign and house placement of the one partner’s Ascendant in the other partner’s natal chart will provide information as to the possible nature of this past relationship. An example of this would be if one partner’s Ascendant falls in the fifth, seventh, or eighth house of the other partner’s chart, suggesting a possible past-life romantic relationship, as these houses are associated with such things. Should the other partner’s Ascendant fall in the fourth house, this could indicate some possible domestic or family link between the two souls in a past life.

Any aspects that the Ascendant makes to the other partner’s personal planets will also help to fill in the blanks. And, again, an example of this would be if one partner’s Ascendant made a connection to the other subject’s Mercury, which might suggest some kind of learning experience involved in the relationship that is left over from the last incarnation. In addition, whether the past-life relationship had been of a positive or negative karmic nature will also be reflected in the type of inter-chart aspects that are made between them. Beneficial aspects, such as the conjunction, sextile, and trine, suggest harmony, while a semisquare, square, opposition, or quincunx can suggest that negative karma may be involved. This is especially the case if one or both of the partners have Saturn retrograde and making negative patterns to each other or to past-life elements, as Saturn is deeply associated with past karma.6 In certain special cases, once the karma from a past-life relationship has been worked out between the two partners, they may suddenly separate and go their own individual ways, a sort of built in life-expectancy for past karmic relationships. 

Of all the elements, the Moon is the most pervasive and mysterious, for it represents the individual’s Akashic Records, the respository for the soul’s past incarnations. Thus, the Moon can help in establishing past-life connections of all types, especially when it makes patterns to elements that are also symbolic of the past.7 When the Moons of two people who are in a relationship make patterns to each other and/or to other past-life elements, there is a strong indication that they had some relationship in a former incarnation/s. When the two subjects’ Ascendants aspect each other, in addition to their Moons making patterns to each other and/or to each other’s Ascendant, we have a very strong case that the subjects had known each other in some previous incarnation. In this case, there is the real possibility that the two may indeed be soul mates, but, once again, this would require further support through additional aspects from past-life elements. Thus, the zodiacal signs of the two subjects’ Moons, their house placements, as well as aspects made to personal elements, will all help to provide additional information as to the nature and type of past relationship between them.

Whereas the Moon is symbolic of one’s previous incarnations, Saturn is the keeper of the records for the soul’s many past incarnations; this is why some esoteric astrologers call Saturn the Lord of Karma.8 In western societies, karma is greatly misunderstood, for it is generally associated with just negative events in one’s current life that are the result of the soul’s actions in some previous incarnation. A more encompassing view of karma holds that it represents unfinished responsibilities that are left over from previous incarnations.9 Thus, if the Saturn of one subject makes an inter-chart aspect to the other partner’s Saturn or to other past-life elements, this can be a supporting clue that the subjects had known each other in some former existence; again, in certain special cases, where the two subjects’ Ascendants and Moons not only make aspects to each other, but also their Saturns make patterns to the latter elements and/or to each other, we have a very strong case that the two subjects may indeed be soul mates. The type of inter-chart aspects involved, whether beneficial or malefic, and the house placement of both subjects’ Saturns and their zodiacal signs and aspects made to them, will all provide additional information as to the nature of the past-life relationship between the two subjects. 

There is another past-life element that is very useful in confirming previous incarnations between two people: the South Node or Dragon’s Tail, which is the polar opposite of the North Node or Dragon’s Head. The South Node is not an actual physical element, such as  the Sun, Moon, or planets; rather, it is the point in the heavens where with the Moon crosses the ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun on the celestial sphere as seen from the earth’s center, and also the plane of this path. A number of esoteric astrologers associate the Dragon’s Tail with what the soul has brought from previous incarnations into the present one.10 Thus, in an inter-chart analysis, if the Dragon’s Tail of one partner makes patterns to the past-life elements of the other partner, it can help provide additional support to the possibility that the two subjects had known each other in some former existence. And, again, in certain special cases where not only do the two subjects’ Ascendants, Moons, and Saturns make patterns to each other, but also their Dragon’s Tails, we have extremely strong cases that the two subjects may indeed be soul mates. 

The next past-life element we will look at is the Part of Destiny. Experienced readers will recognize the formula for this Part as that of the Part of Fortune. Within the context of this article, however, we will be considering its influence on destiny, since, being that the Moon’s position is included in its calculation, it describes instinctual patterns of achievement based upon the personality’s experience and profile carried over from past lives. According to some esoteric astrologers, the Part of Destiny is one of the most important elements in the entire natal chart.11 One of the major shortcomings in using this important astrological tool is that it cannot be looked up in a planetary ephemeris, nor can it be found as an option in astrological computer programs; it must be hand-calculated using a special astrological formula: Ascendant + Moon – Sun = Part of Destiny. (For further details on its calculation, see footnote.12) You will recall that the Ascendant and Moon are symbolic of the subject’s past incarnations, while the Sun represents the current life. The combination of these elements is thus associated with one’s destiny, what one has brought back from the past and why one has been reborn again. The glyph used to represent it is a small circle with a cross in its center. 

Calculating the Part of Destiny is a fairly straightforward procedure. First, one must count the total number of zodiac signs beginning with Aries up to the cusp of the Ascendant sign and then add the number of degrees of the Ascendant. An example would be someone with an Ascendant that is at 12Þ Cancer. Counting from Aries, three zodiacal signs—Aries, Taurus, and Gemini—precede the cusp of Cancer: thus, 3 x 30 degrees = 90 degrees. Next, we add the 12 degrees of Cancer to this sum, giving a sum of 102 degrees. Our test subject’s Moon is at 25Þ Leo. Using the same procedure, we again count the total number of signs from Aries to the cusp of Leo, which in this case is four signs: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, and Cancer—or 4 x 30 degrees = 120 degrees—and then add the 25 degrees of Leo, giving a sum of 145 degrees. We now combine these two sums, 102 degrees + 145 degrees, for a total of 247 degrees for both the Ascendant and Moon.

 The next step is to find the total number of degrees for the subject’s Sun, which in our test subject is located at 10Þ Libra. Starting from Aries, six signs precede Libra—Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo—or 6 x 30 degrees = 180 degrees. We then add the 10 degrees of Libra: 180 degrees + 10 degrees = 190 degrees for the Sun. The next step is to subtract the 190 degrees of the Sun from the total that resulted from adding the Ascendant and Moon’s positions, 247 degrees, which gives us 247 degrees – 190 degrees = 57 degrees. Now, we begin subtracting off 30 degrees, each unit of 30 degrees representing a sign. In this case, we can only subtract 30 once, indicating the first sign: Aries. We subtract the 30 degrees from the 57 degrees, which puts us 27 degrees into the second sign of the zodiac, Taurus, so our test subject’s Part of Destiny is located at 27ÞTaurus, which would seem to suggest that the destiny is somehow inter-linked with the traditional associations of that sign. 

Now, no doubt, there are people throughout the world who could have their Part of Destiny make patterns to each other, but the distinguishing factor here is that they are not in a serious relationship with each other. Thus, when the Part of Destiny makes patterns to the Part of Destiny of the other, this suggests that it was their destiny to meet in the current incarnation. And in special cases, when a couple’s Ascendants, Moons, Saturns, Dragon’s Tails, and Parts of Destiny, or any combination of these, all make patterns to each other, this is definitely a very strong case for soul mates. 

There is one burning question that should in all fairness be explored: do soul mates necessarily have to be different genders?  Do they have to be male and female? The traditional, orthodox answer to that intriguing question would, of course, be yes, but our species has finally reached a stage in its evolution where we collectively accept lifestyles different from what had dominated the Age of Pisces for the past two thousand years. Thus, with the dawning of the Age of Aquarius, the humanitarian sign, it appears that the answer to the above question is that they can occupy the same gender, and I have personally done a number of life charts for same-sex partners who had past-life romantic connections. 

In conclusion, another important point to note is that even though two souls had known each other in previous incarnations, this does not automatically guarantee or insure harmony between them in the current existence, and this includes soul mates. Again, I have done a number of inter-chart analyses that suggested the two partners had lingering karmic debts to be worked out that had followed them from one incarnation into the next. In such matters, it is wise to attempt to point out just what karma may be involved so that the two can work it out in the present incarnation rather than have to face these all over again in some future life, which could again be filled with the same turmoil and disharmony.

This article originally appeared August 2012 in Dell Horoscope, The World's Leading Horoscope Magazine. 

Copyright © 2015 by Dell Magazines, a division of Penny Publications, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. 

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