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Where Will Love Find You? Venus Through the Houses

 By Sioux Rose

Before I knew much about Astrology, I noticed that love usually found me when I wasn’t looking for it. It tended to cross my path in the form of an alluring suitor while I busily performed my daily tasks or enacted the rituals of a typical day. Walking across my college campus green one evening, unbeknownst to me, a dance performance was underway. The male dancer who took on the “glamour” of Orpheus inadvertently magnetized something deep in my soul. It would be more than a year before I’d run into him on a crowded city bus. A brief but powerful affair followed. This profound encounter remains memorable and, years later, I learned that I had indeed shared several past lifetimes with this individual.

In a similar fashion, I met my husband when a bus strike necessitated my walking more than a mile to my favorite beach in exotic San Juan, Puerto Rico. While enroute, I watched with awe as a hubcap popped off a passing VW bus and out came the driver, a Latin Omar Sharif who faced oncoming traffic to retrieve it! My evaluation of his looks—not to mention his spontaneous and dangerous move—was instantly noted by him. With cheek, as the Brits say, he drove his VW bus right up on the sidewalk to block where I was walking. Although not especially prudent (nor necessarily safe) to accept a ride from a total stranger, several soulessence readings later confirmed the instinctive sense of familiarity. Here again I’d met a soulmate with whom I’d experienced numerous prior incarnations. Years later, when this marriage dissolved, the next love of my life walked into my favorite morning coffee stop. It’s the same place that President Obama visited during a recent trip to Puerto Rico. 

The common denominator in all of these meetings is that they happened when I was walking on local roadways or visiting community spots. So it should come as no surprise to savvy students of the stars that I was born with Venus in the third house. Astrology maps our life plans the way homing pigeons follow specific trajectories. Even when I left Puerto Rico and moved to the intriguing island of Key West, Florida, again my third-house Venus delivered! That tiny offshore island has lots of traffic, including bicycles, boats on trailers, mopeds, and oversized trucks. While new to the island, I’d bike over to Duval Street just to watch the tourist crowds. It was quite a study in human social psychology. The apparent norm was for men to engage spontaneously in conversation should one stop the bike (as was required by law) at a red light. No sooner did I park my bicycle than did a handsome, if rather wild, creature park his bike right next to mine.

And (you guessed it), he began a conversation that turned into a rather volatile seven-year relationship. Even when I’d finally had my fill of the island (catalyzed in part by the loss of a major New York magazine job that had covered my bills) and was donating a desk to a friend’s office, out popped yet another soulmate. Appearing out of nowhere, an irresistibly attractive attorney, ponytail and all, offered to help carry that desk. We took a trip to North Florida, where I found my next home destination. 

Few people are not searching for love. Many people likely remain in bonds long after the thrill is gone because security has its own value. In the film Shall We Dance, one lead character, played by Susan Sarandon, explains that in a world of six billion persons, it’s through marriage that one’s sense of significance is validated. As much as the vast majority hopes that marriage will last “till death do us part,” individual astrological blueprints may not have that destiny in mind. Those persons born with empty seventh houses, difficult aspects to Venus, karmic influences in their fourth, fifth, and even eighth houses are going to have some trouble—if not drama—in the Love Department. 

Since we grow from process and evolve from life’s tests, it is often the quest for love that compels us to become better people. Consider the diamond: if it were not harshly abraded, the dross that impedes its radiance would remain and dull its true expression. In Robert Louis Stevenson’s story, “El Dorado,” he explains that it is the journey that provides us with meaning. Once a person “arrives,” anti-climax tends to follow. 

For those who are still searching for their soulmates (or compatible companions), the following insights into Venus placements may help guide your course. And for those lucky few who are already happily married, compare the appropriate Venus position to your personal experience of how love found you. Is it apt? One’s natal Venus position offers key clues to where Cupid is pointing his arrow. It doesn’t hurt to put yourself on the appropriate path if a wish for love rings true to your heart. 

Let’s take a look at the 12 cosmic coordinates of Venus 

Venus in the First House:Whether you compete for the town or state beauty queen title, you will, wittingly or otherwise,wear your good looks and charm “on your sleeve.” This Venus position telegraphs a powerful mating signal. It operates in a manner akin to the way that bright-colored flowers attract butterflies and bees. Needless to say, every creature that flies into your orbit is not going to suit the more specific metrics of your chart—that is, fit your personal needs. Sorting out the fans from the real thing could prove quite an issue! However, with Venus rising, you don’t have to look far for love. Love will find you. After all, when Venus rises, a person is generally regarded as charming and attractive. Most who own this signature are savvy about fashion and intuitively recognize the importance of making  a good first impression. 

The net result is that Venus rising generally has her pick of suitors, not unlike Miss Scarlet in Gone With The Wind. Of course, if your Venus position is afflicted by Saturn, her power of attraction will be mitigated by this planet of fear, karma, and consequences. 

Regardless of your age, Venus rising remains perpetually alluring to the opposite sex. Such persons may act as shameless flirts. They must learn to be firm in their marital commitments since temptations will always abound. Like Venus in Aries, the one endowed with this chart signature may fall in love in haste and find out over time that lust is not an enduring substitute for genuine compatibility. 

Venus in the Second House: This position sets up a love of possessions and beautiful things, including real estate. Venus has a natural affinity for the second house since she governs Taurus, the zodiac’s second sign. People born with Venus in the second house will need to be surrounded by beautiful objects and they may work in occupations that accord with Venus. That’s because the second house is defined as the zodiac’s income sector. Fields and occupations that resonate with Venus include architecture, the arts, art galleries, construction, fashion, hairstyling, florists, chocolatiers, beauty consultants, restaurants, cabarets, and musical endeavors. 

Venus’ magnetic powers are enhanced when she’s found in the second house; and it’s probable that romance—which can evolve into true love—would be found in one of the aforementioned venues. For instance, a person with a second-house Venus might attend an outdoor concert and thereby run into Mr. Right. Another person with Venus in the second house may fall in love with the architect designing her place, as was the case in the hilarious film (starring Meryl Streep) It’s Complicated. It would not be unusual for a person so designated to run into an attractive would-be partner at an art show, or while shopping at the mall for the latest fashion. Then, too, it just might be a construction worker repairing storm damage to one’s home who captures one’s heart, or a “familiar” stranger encountered on line at a bank! 

Venus in the Third House: This means love will be found along roadways, at the local marketplace, during short trips, or in places of learning. It’s not unusual for some families to send their daughters off to college with the hope that they’ll find respectable husbands there. The third house holds an affinity to Gemini, the third sign, and it represents writing, teaching, sales, advertising, and promotion. Persons born with Venus in the third house may find careers in busy offices, where they can put their persuasive savvy to work. Office romances, while frowned upon (“don’t mix business with pleasure”) certainly happen often enough. How many bosses end up marrying their secretaries? 

Judging from what I’ve encountered, the third-house Venus favors “love en route.” So it could just be that when you’re out biking, hiking, visiting the local bazaar, or sampling coffee at a quaint café that an attractive stranger will head your way. Then, too, from this position, Venus sets her romantic sights on classrooms. Is anyone ever too old to learn something new? Adult-education courses are a feature in most towns and cities. When you fall in love with a subject that stirs your imagination, you become more attractive to others. And Venus—occupying your third house—makes due note of that—so Learn On! 

Venus in the Fourth House: Venus here suggests that love will be found close to home. A typical way this might pan out is that you’re visiting a relative who introduces you to a neighbor—and pouf! Magic happens! Although arranged marriages are no longer as common as they once were, the fourth-house Venus reflects (or carries) that legacy. It’s difficult for modern souls to imagine an era when their own personal sensibilities and attractions had nothing to do with the selection of their marriage partners. In fact, the prac- tice of arranged marriages is still very much the rule in India. I visited that exotic land in 2004 and, due to low tourism (following 9/11 and everyone’s fear of flying) had a hotel dining room virtually to myself. Given the unique opportunity, I played On-Site Sociologist and asked the Indian waiters about the marriage traditions of their culture. I questioned what would happen if they decided to marry the person they loved even if that individual was not the one planned or selected for them. I was told that they’d be absolutely shunned by their families and that the price of that sort of rejection would be too much to bear. In other words, arranged marriages remained the rule and are thus very much intact. 

The fourth house upholds family and its traditions. Individuals with a fourthhouse Venus might find themselves very much attracted to mates who possess features similar to those of their fathers or mothers. Such a person might grow up next door to the person they’re destined to marry. Otherwise, they’re apt to hook up with someone close to their family circle. The mate might even work in a family business. 

Venus in the Fifth house: This excites “the pleasure principle.” I’ve dated two men who both held this signature, and they both had their pick of lovers. (The same thing holds true if Jupiter is found in the fifth house.) The fifth house constitutes the zodiac’s “heart” of romance, and Venus is the author of “the doctrine.” In other words, this Venus placement strengthens the enduring art of romance, added to good timing, finesse in lovemaking, and a natural, irresistible sensuality. 

The fifth house is the place of Star Power, and it suits those who seek and find the limelight. Venus in the fifth can therefore attract drama or act like a drama king or queen. If Venus is not well aspected, such persons could become rather jaded and narcissistic. They could “get off” on the attention of others and in the process lose their capacity to commit genuinely their hearts to the often-difficult journey that love presents. The fifth house is the zone of lovers; note the word—it’s plural. Venus found in this sector can lead to an embarrassment of riches. To very attractive individuals, life always holds temptations, and some of these can prove heartbreaking. Generally, if Venus is found in a fixed sign, it will subdue the urge to flutter from affair to affair. 

In Shakespeare’s famous tragedy Othello, a timeless bit of wisdom is conveyed. It’s projected in the form of Othello, who loved not wisely, but too well. That characterization could suit the fifth-house Venus. Ultimately, the fifth-house Venus individual thrives on attention and could collect a legion of fans or devotees. The devotion of others can prove addicting and impede the individual’s capacity to commit his or her heart to one loving union. This Venus “coordinate” favors love finding you at a movie theater, play, amusement park, hobby show, or children’s sporting event. 

Venus in the Sixth House: Venus here points foremost to the zone of work or healthcare. It would not be unusual for two persons (carrying this Venus signature) to meet in a dentist’s waiting room or inside a veterinary clinic. They could first fall in love with each other’s pets! Like the second-house Venus, this placement can set up romantic ambushes of fate that occur in the workplace. Lots of men have sexual fantasies that involve nurses; and it’s probable that those who hold fast to this fantasy or actually marry caretakers likely hold this Venus chart signature. 

A sixth-house Venus also points to the woman who ends up marrying her plastic surgeon or the gentleman who marries his children’s nanny. The latter is just what happened when my neighbor’s son faced that untimely death of his young wife— Venus in the sixth house to the rescue! Hollywood has several such stories on tap. 

The sixth-house Venus holds a resonance with Venus in Virgo (the sixth sign) and thus predisposes the individual to pursue both order and perfection. The book editor who catches spelling errors, the X-ray technician prepared to decipher cloudy images, and the dental hygienist who works diligently to clean between each tooth qualify for this chart signature. Many may meet their mates while doing their daily jobs. Hopefully, the individuals they magnetize as lifemates will also appreciate their penchant for efficiency, order, and hygiene. Other strategic places where a sixth-house Venus sends out Cupid’s arrows include the local Laundromat, dry cleaner, organic-produce department, holistic-health center, pet-sitting service, and drugstore. 

Venus in the Seventh House: This is a wonderful position. For one thing, Venus rules this sector as governor of Libra, the seventh sign. Tied to the persona of Hera (aka Juno), Venus here serves as the living, breathing archetype of marriage itself. Given that Venus is tied to the arts, and one such art is dance, in this position one’s moves naturally accord with those of the partner. The relationship simulates dance, as the seventh-house Venus lends harmony to the great mating dance itself. She also deepens prospects for Namaste, which means, “I behold the Holy One in you.” Thus the seventh-house Venus enhances the prospect of “helpmates.” However, should natal Venus fall under affliction from other planets, this bright promise will be tested, if not negated. 

The seventh house is linked with attorneys’ offices, counseling centers, and courtrooms. It would not be surprising to find an individual with a seventh-house Venus meeting her future mate inside a courtroom or even while on jury duty! Since these days psychologists and psychiatrists frequently rent spaces at upscale strip malls or within hospital complexes, anyone en route to such sectors becomes fair game for Cupid’s arrow (should they own a seventh-house Venus). In fact, this position favors professional matchmakers as well as those who find mates through the various modern dating services. 

Venus in the Eighth House: This Venus is a sexual hothouse. Like Venus in Scorpio, the goddess of love finds her more erotic expressions favored from this sector. The eighth house takes its meaning from Scorpio, the eighth sign, and therefore has Pluto as its ruling influence. Also known as Hades, Pluto is the guardian (or god) of the underworld. He governs the realm of discarnate spirits. In almost every culture that has not been Westernized or fully Christianized, rituals are found that are oriented towards connecting with the spirit world. In some South American cultures, states of consciousness are intentionally altered through the agency of plants possessed of hallucinogenic properties. Since most people view other people, times, and places largely through the prism of what is familiar to them, it is impossible to conceive what it meant to live in a time without radio, television, news announcers, or a Weather Channel. It went to the shaman or medicine woman to ferret matters out before they came to pass. How else to warn the tribe against the approach of danger? Plants with special properties allowed the tribe’s prognosticators to travel beyond present space and time. It is likely that persons with strong eighth-house planetary placements carry a remnant of this type of experience within their psyches. Powerful sexual relations might trigger their sensory fields. The soul would then open to past-life memory flashes and experiences that seem to be “out of this world.” 

The eighth-house Venus could meet her intended mate at a spirit channeling session, inside an occult bookstore (or section devoted to such topics inside a conventional bookstore), at a shop that sells sex toys, at an erotic film festival, in a cave or underground bar, or at a funeral, bank, or accountant’s office. The eighth house, remember, also carries a strong fiduciary current. Sadly, should Venus be afflicted by Pluto, this chart signature would raise the possibility of rape or abduction. (This factor is being pointed out in light of the fact that sexual-violence rates run high inside the U.S.) 

Venus in the Ninth House: Here Venus opens the soul to travel along with a wish to see and know as much of the world as possible. When the ninth-house Venus person cannot physically travel, she’ll send her mind off on learning quests. The ninth house is the zodiac’s established seat of philosophy, religion, academe, and the powerful human search for meaning, wisdom, and knowledge. 

Students who fall in love when they meet inside college classes qualify for the ninth-house Venus destination. In this age of “Christian Dating,” and such, persons who meet their future spouses inside church group events also suit this chart signature. Of course, two persons of any age could meet at a library or book sale, especially if one or both of them has natal Venus in the ninth house. 

Sagittarius connotes the zodiac’s ninthsign field, and it’s directly tied to Jupiter- Zeus, who presided over Olympus. Note the connection to the word “Olympics.” Sagittarius rules the upper thigh and buttocks, and, like a racehorse, loves to run and gravitates towards sports in general. Therefore, ninth-house Venus “candidates” could meet their true loves at an all-American baseball game, inside the crowd of spectators enjoying today’s modern Roman arena, the football stadium, or on a lush golf course. 

Some lucky ninth-house Venus souls will thrill their grandchildren with tales of how they met “Grandpa” on a boat to Athens, Greece, while studying music in Singapore, or when enrolled in The Peace Corps deep in the remote Sudan. Early stories of WWII nurses who met their soldier husbands right off the combat field similarly qualify. 

Venus in the Tenth House: Venus here is rather corporate. There is no place on the cosmic dial that is more tied to ambition than the tenth house. Taking its meaning from the mountain goat’s stubborn pursuit of the summit, the tenthhouse Venus not only holds an ambition to marry, but is also the signature of the individual who is determined to “marry up.” I’ve seen “May-December” ties crop up when Venus (as well as Mars) shows up in Capricorn, the sign of Father Time. Also typical to this position are the marital ties that emerge from the boss-secretary relationship, that of the doctor and the nurse, or ones that sprout up between promising graduate students and their professors. 

When placed in the tenth house, Venus takes on characteristics suitable to Capricorn, and this sign is known for its stern self-discipline. This quality will tend to restrict Venus from any spontaneous shows of affection. On the plus side, the goat is known for being a rather lustful animal. The tenth-house Venus suggests the type of person who would seem very button-down and pro-business (rules, protocols, and all) inside the professional sphere; however, once work and its demands are dispensed with, the tenth-house Venus can also show a marked ambition to have a good time; and they can direct the full force of their desires towards that objective. 

Likely, the tenth-house Venus person will meet love in her place of work. The tenth house also pertains to government offices. That means even young protesters engaged in a sit-in at the state capitol might find love waiting for them in such an unexpected setting. The personal assistant who works in close proximity to a wealthy citizen or even a celebrity could see genuine affection creep up and root in such a bond—that is, if they happen to have natal Venus in the tenth house, whereby such ties are destined to lead to potential marital commitments. 

Venus in the Eleventh House: Here’s a social adventurer. Like Venus in Aquarius, such persons love the party atmosphere and like to be around all sorts of people. That means traditional commitments like marriage are not necessarily their cup of cosmic tea. Should the eleventh-house Venus person marry, she will require a mate who is by nature very secure; otherwise, what would seem like constant flirting (on the part of the eleventh-house Venus partner) would undermine the trust necessary for a loving bond’s coherence, trust, and continuity. Then, too, there happen to be couples that like the lifestyle known as “Swinging.” Such bonds are enlivened by partners experiencing sexual relations with other people on a casual basis. Some people manage to lead unconventional double-lives these days. I’ve read about women who conducted upscale prostitution rings while their spouses were at work! And who hasn’t heard of the traveling salesman who had a wife in every county? These unorthodox approaches to the mating dance likely are tied to Venus in the eleventh house (or otherwise in tight aspect to Uranus). 

Venus in the eleventh house could meet her mate at an office party, social celebration, New Year’s Eve gala, or other site of excited human interchange. There’s often an element of spontaneity, unorthodoxy, or serendipity present. For instance, someone with an eleventhhouse Venus could meet the love of her life at an inopportune time. Perhaps she’s on a date with someone else, her hair is in curlers and she hasn’t had a chance to dab on a bit of makeup; or she’s taking out the trash, chasing her loose dog, or pulling off the road to repair a flat tire. I’d say the rule here is to expect the unexpected. That can also mean falling for someone you’d never in a million years actually picture yourself with! 

When one encounters a couple where he’s five-feet-three-inches tall and she’s sixfeet tall, or he’s white and she’s black, or he’s a Hindu and she’s a Christian, it’s a virtual certainty that an eleventh-house Venus is working its behind-the-scenes cosmic choreography to bring these unions about. 

Lastly, Venus in the Twelfth House: Several possible expressions come to life here. Although the twelfth house governs unsexy places like prisons, jails, hospitals, and mental asylums, it also relates to ashrams and places intended for pilgrimage or spiritual sanctuary. Should two souls meet while sharing a spiritual retreat, how wonderful could that be? Yoga camps and t’ai chi centers also qualify, as would any retreat based on silent meditation or sincere spiritual study. When priests and nuns leave “the fold” due to compelling, all-too-earthy human attractions, a twelfth-house Venus may be operating. 

The twelfth house is known as the zone of “self-undoing.” Linked to the sign Pisces, which rules the feet, the applicable adage is: “One who shoots himself in the foot.” In other words, the twelfth house can inadvertently foster self-sabotage. This last chart sector relates to states of inebriation, including drug addiction. Now, as humanity collectively faces the Final Phase of the Piscean Age, drug use is rampant; and I believe that alcoholism rates are underreported. Countless people are looking for ways to numb themselves or emotionally shut down. The troubling fact is that Big Pharma supplies a plethora of anti-depressant drugs to assist that cause. What do you suppose these adaptations do for the life of the soul? After all, authentic feelings become muted through such practices. 

Mystics believe that our mortal experience transcends what takes place in our physical bodies. Other key fields include the mental and emotional bodies. These same sources explain that it is the emotional body (or field) that proves the most difficult to tame. This idea that “he who conquers himself is greater than he who conquers a city” is very real. It takes us back to Hermes’ teaching, which advises us to “Know Thyself.” Our spiritual evolution is based on how we learn to refine our grosser impulses so that we can, little by little, come to express the qualities of Creator-Source. Since Pisces—and the twelfth house— close the circle and thereby bring all prior sign experiences into play, it is a difficult sector for most.

The twelfth-house Venus runs the risk of indulging in escapist behaviors. Two drug addicts could “fall in love” and, through one another’s enabling, maintain each other’s dangerous lifestyle.

Martyr tendencies also express from the twelfth house. The idea of sacrifice— whether of animals, virgins, or one’s most relished habits—factors into many religious practices and traditions. The twelfth-house Venus may retain, as soul imprint, such a memory, and it mayfactor into their unconscious value systemin the current incarnation. 

The twelfth-house Venus is apt to meet her mate in a health-care institution. The tomblike catacombs of large bureaucratic office buildings fit the energetic essence of the twelfth house. These places are very prison-like, after all, and thus work to summon romance into the lives of persons who hold a twelfth-house Venus. 

Since Pisces is a water sign, perhaps the ultimate escapism (and it’s one that has tempted human souls for eons) is that of “getting out to sea.” The twelfth-house Venus may spend time living on a houseboat, sailing, scuba diving, surfing, or swimming—a lot! It’s natural that such persons would feel drawn to others with similar “fish-like” propensities. 

Please remember that the information related pertains to Venus, yet each individual chart ultimately operates as a Gestalt. In other words, Venus is not the only player. However, she does carry weight, especially when it comes to “the love department” and where romance might find you. Since Mars operates as Venus’ more aggressive partner, Dell HOROSCOPE readers might test this data against their natal Mars positions, too. In fact, one could explore these insights by  applying them to their current progressed Venus chart placement. (The only way to learn the truth is by testing the data offered.) 

I’ll close with wisdom taken from the poet Kahlil Gibran. His inspired words remind seekers that love will direct its own path if it finds you worthy. In other words, one must not presume to direct the path that love will take. This truth remains a constant, regardless of the position where one finds one’s natal chart Venus. 

Happy romantic hunting!

And may the stars be with you.

This article originally appeared February 2014 in Dell Horoscope, The World's Leading Horoscope Magazine. 

Copyright © 2015 by Dell Magazines, a division of Penny Publications, LLC. All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. 

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