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The Cardinal Cross of 2014

Global Shake-Ups & Personal Upheavals

 By Celeste Teal

Everyone is talking about it! So many questions! So much information coming in as astrologers strive to interpret the Cardinal Cross (or some part of it) that will peak in April 2014. As you might imagine, I am obsessed with this configuration, to the point that I dream about it, with symbols of planets and aspects swirling through my head, beckoning to me, even during sleep. This is a Grand Cross that will fall in the critical 13th degree of the Cardinal signs: Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn. The 13th degree of the Cardinal signs is associated with a shift in the balance of power in the world. Being a critical degree, this signifies grave and serious matters, often climactic and, because it is 13˚ Cardinal, crucial developments in the world. One central event can have a wide-range impact.

As you might know, it is Uranus in Aries, Jupiter in Cancer, Mars in Libra, and Pluto in Capricorn that will form the Cardinal Cross. I’ve had my eye on April 21, 2014, as a potential peak for major developments. That is when the four planets are within a one-degree orb of aspect to each other. A Grand Cross creates tensions that are difficult to appease. Cardinal signs are normally action-oriented, while a Grand Cross carries negative characteristics like stagnation, or being pulled four ways. Tensions rise due to overburdening demands. Problems seemingly irresolvable lead to paralysis or self-defeating actions. A frantic scattering of energies is a likely possibility with this Cardinal Cross.

This Cardinal Cross configuration links back to the January 2011 Solar Eclipse at 13º Capricorn, stimulating that eclipse. In my book, Eclipses, it was noted that this eclipse, titled The Balance of Power, would bring “a turbulent spirit against those in high places,” and, for the United States, business obstacles. It did.

That Capricorn eclipse in early 2011 coincided with the Arab Spring and rising turbulence in the world, including shootings, protests, and new movements in the U.S.

That same eclipse also intensified record-breaking weather events that continued to this day.

For the U.S., that Capricorn eclipse suggested obstacles impacting the economy; following the eclipse, the U.S. credit rating was downgraded when transiting Saturn squared the eclipse degree, resulting in a 632-point drop in the Dow. That eclipse of 2011 and this Cardinal Cross are hugely important for the U.S. because its natal Sun and Saturn are in the crosshairs, but other countries are also impacted, including the United Kingdom, China, Russia, and Japan. An eclipse has a prolonged life span, and these are important transits to it.

One has to wonder if this means trouble ahead for the global economy because around the same time the U.S. credit rating was downgraded in August 2011, we had just gone through the difficult process of raising the debt ceiling as China was contracting and Greece was teetering.

Now, each time a planet transits the 13th degree of a Cardinal sign, stimulating that earlier eclipse, notable developments occur. As Mercury first passed through 13º Cancer, Edward Snowden released a video, giving away NSA secrets. That occurred June 10, 2013. This led to rising tensions between the U.S. and Russia, which gave Snowden asylum.

When Mercury stationed at 13º Cancer, Detroit filed for bankruptcy. This occurred on July 18, 2013. Interestingly, this same date is when Moody’s upgraded the U.S. credit rating, back up again into more favorable territory, while the S&P upgraded it on June 10, the earlier date that Mercury was in 13º Cancer. Since Mercury is the messenger, it makes sense that noteworthy news linked to U.S. status, honor, and credibility occurs at these times, since it is where the U.S. Sun falls: 12˚44’ Cancer.

When Mars transited 13º Cancer, terrorist chatter threatening Americans led to the closing of 19 American Embassies abroad. That was in early August 2013. Mars is associated with bullies, threats, conflicts, and war, and it is easy to see how the Mars transit fit perfectly with these kinds of things.

When Jupiter came within a degree, the Dow had its worst week in 2013, Wall Street had its worst month since May 2012, and Nasdaq trading was halted for three hours by technical glitches that were never really fully explained. A combination of factors worried investors. There was political unrest in Egypt, rising interest rates, underperforming retailers, and anxiety over Fed tapering of stimulus programs. As Jupiter entered 13º Cancer, remaining there for about five days, U.S. involvement in Syria appeared imminent, with President Obama seriously proposing the use of military strikes on the country to deter Syria’s dictator from using chemical weapons on his people again, as was done on August 21, 2013. At the last minute, Obama agreed to wait for Congressional approval before launching said strikes—just as transiting Jupiter was exiting 13º Cancer and moving on. We were pulled back from the brink!

So with this Jupiter transit through the critical 13th degree of Cancer, we see the Jupiter expansion factor at work. Jupiter tends toward growth and expansion, depending on what it has to expand upon. Jupiter reversed motion on November 7, 2013, and came back to 13º Cancer from January 16 to 24, 2014; and is there once again from April 16 to April 23, 2014.


Studying lunation charts through the spring of 2014, I worked to put together a sequence of events that provides clues to what is happening when it peaks. It may be a plethora of issues. As above, so below.

I believe a big part of the way we will remember this Cardinal Cross will be due to the severe weather it will produce. Squares are storm-producing, oppositions are earthquake-producing. Uranus square Pluto breeds storms. With Neptune in Pisces wetting and loosening the soil, we will surely continue to witness freakish, unusual weather patterns and natural disasters that will change landscapes and maps. Weather extremes and disturbances appear in several lunations, increasingly troubling into the spring.

Getting well underway on my project by late August 2013, I saw immediately that we’d get more clues to what lies ahead in 2014 during October 2013, due to the Libra New Moon that would square the U.S. Sun. Sure enough, October 2013 brought the partial government shutdown that lasted sixteen days, major glitches surrounding Obamacare, and strains with allied countries over the NSA spying on them.

Not only was the government shutdown forced by those opposed to Obamacare, but Obamacare also had its own troubles owing to insufficient preparation and testing of the government’s new website. This did not come as a big surprise. The official chart for the Healthcare Reform bill that was signed into law in March 2010 showed major challenges. With Cancer Rising, the ruling Moon squares Saturn and the Sun and opposes Pluto. Clearly, Obama had no astrologer to consult!

Also notable is that the Healthcare Reform Bill chart has natal Mercury at 11º Aries (actually one degree from being 12º Aries). This important ruler of communication is in the crosshairs of the forming Cardinal Cross so that continuing problems for Obamacare is a given. At the very least, the plan itself is apt to get a bad name. Mercury in the tenth house has to do with having one’s name in print, but due to the harsh aspects formed by the transiting planets to this Mercury, the press will not be kind. This will make a bad mark on its reputation. The frustrations and sticker shock of the American people could potentially cause the business model on which the plan is based to fail. Here also we get clues to how one central event can have a ripple effect, spreading to have a wide-range impact. When the hub of the main government site went down, it interrupted state-run sites that had been successfully accommodating its residents. Even when the site appeared to work, the data received by the insurance companies was often inaccurate.

Another clue picked up in October: the very high chance of facing another government shutdown come January 2014 and another debt-ceiling crisis in February because Congress only kicked the can down the road a little bit to deal with the October crisis that sent the markets into jitters. In the days leading up to the government shutdown in October, transiting Saturn was at a critical degree, 10º Scorpio. Saturn is associated with law and order and the administration of these that have a direct impact on stocks, investments, and banks. The next time Saturn reached a critical degree was January 8, 2014, which lasted January 21, with Saturn at 21º Scorpio. April 12 to 27, Saturn is back at 21º Scorpio.

By early 2014, the lunation charts suggested disturbances to the peace. Foreign troubles come to the forefront. There is a spirit of discontent. There are also troubling changes concerning the nation’s business affairs. By the time of the Spring Equinox, the major theme appears to concern difficult financial and political changes affecting nations. The chart cast for the Spring Equinox, also called the Aries Ingress, is very telling about the year to come. Together with the Aries New Moon chart, it is among the most instrumental tools used for predictive purposes. Of course, by this time, Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto are forming their close squares and opposition, suggesting minimally that it may be a difficult year for new enterprise.

Unpredictable Uranus creates challenges in interpreting this configuration and suggests that the unexpected will happen. But with Uranus in Aries square Pluto, there is sure to be violence somewhere in the world. We may witness abuses of power and people taking the law into their own hands. Uranus is abrupt. At this writing, neither Uranus nor Pluto has yet reached the critical 13º to give us a preview.

I keep looking at Jupiter. In Cancer, this should be a good thing, especially for the U.S. economy—if not for being involved in the Grand Cross. But this Jupiter falls into the category of “an afflicted benefic on an angle” discussed in Predicting Events with Astrology (pg. 205) because of its placement in Cancer, the sign that corresponds to the fourth-house angle. With Jupiter afflicted, problems arise as a result of taking too much for granted. Setbacks result from entering unprofitable commitments during sudden bursts of enthusiasm.

One of the themes that stands out for 2014 is for new methods of procedure to cause trouble”

It is by the Lunar Eclipse of April 15, 2014, that things seem set to pop or come to a head. Besides the fact that transiting Mars is retrograde in Libra, about to square off with Jupiter, Uranus, and Pluto, transiting Mercury is conjunct Uranus at 13º Aries, adding its influence to this Cardinal Cross! This seems huge. It gives us several planets in this critical degree, all of them forming hard aspects to the U.S. Sun and Saturn. It appears to be a time of challenge for the country, its president, and people.

This Cardinal Cross is mind-blowing also because of how many people are impacted. So many people have at least one planet at 13º of a Cardinal sign. Those with planets at 9˚ to 14˚ of the Cardinal signs will be impacted to some degree. We are all in this together. I have some interesting notes to share, though, on a few specific groups of people who have multiple planets in these degrees.

We are therefore going to delve further into this Cardinal Cross, both in regard to what these April 2014 eclipses mean for the U.S. and the world, as well as what to expect personally. Let’s first take a quick look at the U.S. chart and its major progressions to see what kinds of experiences are suggested ahead.

For the U.S., born July 4, 1776, the progressing Sun has now traveled 238 degrees, reaching 8º Pisces. This progressed Sun makes a square to natal Uranus, an aspect associated with bringing sudden, unexpected problems. It is one of the most difficult progressed aspects there are, as it causes matters to suddenly go wrong. It indicates a time of great stress. This is the most informative progressed aspect for the U.S. at this time. And, no matter which version of the U.S. birth-chart you use, it is also the most influential.

The progressed Sun aspects are top priority for predictive purposes, and this aspect of the Sun becomes increasingly important when using the popular Gemini Rising chart for the U.S. Using this chart, my preference after years of comparison and study, the progressed Ascendant is now at 20º Sagittarius. This is in opposition to natal Mars at 20º Gemini, suggesting that the U.S. will deal with conflicts and provocations. With the progressed Ascendant now in the last ten degrees of Sagittarius, the main rulers for the U.S. at this time are Jupiter and the Sun, because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and the Sun is co-ruler of the last decan (last ten degrees) of Sagittarius. This means that the Sun-Uranus square is of heightened importance, ever more influential and telling for U.S. interests.

What’s more, progressed Jupiter, in retrograde motion, is at 15º Cancer, within an orb of one-degree to a square of natal Saturn at 14º Libra. This is an aspect signifying financial problems.

Next we consider the progressed U.S. Midheaven at 11º Libra. It is advancing to square the natal Sun, an aspect associated with a loss of position. This is another very important aspect involving the Sun and co-ruler of the current U.S. progressed Ascendant. It will give trouble to the president.

As transiting Mars is conjoined the U.S. Saturn and square progressed Jupiter from Libra, it will also move backward in retrograde motion far enough to square the U.S. natal Sun. At the same time, transiting Jupiter conjoining the natal Sun is square natal Saturn. The other transiting planets—Uranus, Pluto, and, for a time, Mercury—are all tied into this, with transiting Uranus in square to the natal Sun, which repeats our most important progressed aspect: the progressed Sun square natal Uranus. Sudden problems in financial and business affairs are likely, requiring a major readjustment period.

Notice that all of this action is impacting not just the U.S. Sun and Saturn, but also the progressed Midheaven. That means transiting Uranus is opposing this Midheaven; just to give one example of the meaning of this, it was when transiting Uranus was within a one-degree orb of this opposition that the Boston Marathon bombings occurred. It can be likened to  rebels loose in the homeland, causing havoc.

Remember how transiting Mercury coincided with important news surrounding the status, honor, and credibility of the U.S.? We will have that, although with Mercury square the U.S. Sun, combined with these other challenging transits, the news may not be so good. This Cardinal Cross may severely challenge the power and status of the country. This month, the progressed Sun square Uranus is exact in the Gemini Rising U.S. chart, and the Grand Cross falls in financial houses. Jupiter expands the problematic situation. It reinforces the progressed square between Jupiter and Saturn that suggested financial difficulties. With Jupiter currently ruling the U.S. Ascendant, the squares and oppositions it forms are significant.

Something else that stands out for the date of April 21 is that transiting Saturn will also be in a critical degree: 21º Scorpio. This means another planet in a critical degree, one that is square the U.S. progressed Mercury at 20º Aquarius. On three occasions between early January and the middle of October 2014, transiting Saturn squares the U.S. progressed Mercury! This is generally worrisome, especially over health-related matters, and it is a detrimental influence on business. Transiting Saturn will move back by retrograde motion to square the U.S. Moon, symbolizing the people. Some of the worst aspects, showing loss or upset to the people, involve the Moon in bad aspect to Venus or Saturn. These kinds of aspects are often prominent when there are assassinations or when the financial markets take dire turns.

Now, when we look at President Obama’s chart, his progressed Ascendant is in Aries, square his natal Saturn, associated with blocks and frustrations. His current ruler, Mars, is at 26º Libra by progression, which is a critical degree, marking a crucial time in his life. It is square his progressed Jupiter, which is his co-ruler, since Jupiter co-rules the last decan of Aries. This aspect signifies great risk and a tendency to overexpand too quickly. His progressed Uranus is square his natal Midheaven, indicating sudden, unexpected trouble. It often brings challenges to one’s reputation and a liability to suffer discredit. Then, when we note that Aries is a sign of short ascension, we see, therefore, that his progressed Ascendant is advancing quickly through the degrees, applying to oppose his progressed Mars! This is doubly difficult because it is like his ruler is turning on him. It is an aspect of conflicts and provocation and is the same aspect found in the U.S. chart. So, the U.S., it seems, will be responding to threats and dealing with conflicts in national and foreign affairs. Possibly this will be due to weak or ineffectual leadership. There are multiple afflictions to the Sun throughout the charts. This will give great trouble to the U.S. and its leadership.


When transiting Mars made its station and went retrograde on March 1, 2014, it was within a one-degree orb of conjunction to Obama’s progressed Mars at 26º Libra. This slow transit will have the same kind of effect as a Mars Return, except it lasted from the middle of February until the middle of March 2014 for Mr. Obama. With Mars conjunct Mars, ego energies are high. There is often activity revolving around projects with which one is identified. There is often resistance to overcome. Because transiting Mars will also square his natal Saturn and progressed Jupiter, this will be a challenging period. Conflicts involving new ventures create frustrations and irritations.

This brings us to another interesting tie that is made near the same time to the Obamacare chart. The fifth house is said to rule the valuable final product of a company. If we apply this to the Healthcare Reform bill, the fifth house is ruled by Venus. Natal Venus is at 20º Aries and progressed Venus is 25º Aries in that chart. Around the same time that Obama is receiving challenging aspects from Mars, it is also opposing Venus in the Obamacare chart, a project and venture with which he is definitely identified.

Next, let us consider the April Lunar Eclipse. Hopefully, this will help narrow down the source of the problems. This Lunar Eclipse falls at 25º Libra. It falls in conjunction with Obama’s progressed Mars, opposite his progressed Ascendant, square his natal Saturn and progressed Jupiter, highlighting the difficult aspects. The eclipse Mars is also square his progressed Midheaven.

For the U.S., this eclipse is square natal Mercury and square natal Pluto. The eclipse Saturn is square progressed Mercury within a degree. This is noted to be bad for business and is worrisome generally.

The eclipse falls opposite the Obamacare progressed Venus, the planet that rules the fifth house and the “valuable final product of the plan.” The eclipse itself falls in the fifth house. Transiting Saturn in the natal fifth house is conjunct the natal Vertex, which happens to fall in the critical degree of 21º Scorpio! The Vertex is associated with destiny. Saturn is a limiting, restricting influence and may mean an unhappy fate. The eclipse Mars is on the fifth-house cusp square the natal Nodes. Based on all these factors, it may be that it is the Obamacare program failings that produce other business and financial disturbances, necessitating a major readjustment period in 2014. Unless plenty of young, healthy people sign up, the insurance companies on the exchange will be forced to raise premiums, discouraging more young people and leaving only the sickest people signing up. If that happens, the plan is unworkable.

What would be more annoying and challenging than having to undo or redo the whole healthcare plan? It is risky to predict very specific events, but I believe at the very least there will be trouble and great expense attached to the new Obamacare healthcare program. The Lunar Eclipse that occurred in October 2013, which coincided with so many bungles and botches, fell at 25º Aries, with the Sun at 25º Libra, so that eclipse created challenging stimulation to Obama’s chart and to the Healthcare Reform Bill chart, very much like what this April Lunar Eclipse does.

One of the themes that stands out for 2014 is for new methods of procedure to cause trouble. Also in 2014: there are likely to be strains in foreign relations and, as mentioned earlier, the weather may be so extreme that more records will be set. For people generally, outer circumstances may leave us feeling uncertain, and annoyed at times, as we must deal with making adjustments in our plans and strategies. Taxes are going up. One way or another, and whether called fees or taxes, we will pay more. There is risk in taking too much for granted. This month particularly appears to be a risky time for new ventures.

As I was researching this Cardinal Cross, I scanned the ephemeris to find time periods when people were born with multiple planets in the middle degrees of the Cardinal signs. One group was born in 1951 with Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune in the Cardinal signs, and, at certain periods during that year, with an inner planet as well. Those born in 1952 also had multiple planets in the middle degrees of Cardinal signs. People born these years are reaching retirement age. Based on transiting aspects to natal planets, those born in this group are likely to find it difficult to retire. Transiting Pluto in square to natal Saturn suggests these people will have to struggle to maintain the structures they have built up in their lives. For a time on and off during 2014, transiting Saturn is also square natal Pluto of this group, producing similar themes. Outer circumstances might delay retirement. Growing a business might also be hard.

For the years following 1952, there is only one planet in these degrees, either Jupiter or Saturn, until late in 1960, when both of those planets are in the middle degrees of Cardinal signs. With Jupiter, it may only be a matter of reining in excess optimism and taking nothing for granted, while with Saturn, adjustments in business or professional affairs may be necessary. The group born in 1960 may feel it is dealing with scarcities or fewer resources than in the past.

From 1963 to 1970, either Jupiter or Saturn is frequently in the mid-degrees of Cardinal signs.

From 1970 to 1972, Uranus is in Libra in the middle degrees. These people are having one of the midlife crisis transits, with transiting Uranus opposing natal Uranus, which can bring an urgent feeling that one is running out of time to accomplish what one wants. At the same time, Pluto in square suggests the need to adjust to changes in the circumstances in the outer world. With Jupiter in square to natal Uranus at the same time, restlessness and impatience with any restrictions are likely. With Mars adding its influence, some among this group may be prone to acting impulsively, which could lead to mistakes, errors, or accidents unless careful.

From 1973 to 1975, either Jupiter or Saturn falls in these degrees; until 1976 and 1977, when Pluto is in mid-Libra. Pluto in Capricorn will square natal Pluto. This aspect always seems to be a challenging, a time when it is harder to make the changes one would like to make. Uranus in opposition necessitates flexibility. Jupiter in square suggests some resistance from others on the road to success. Once Mars gets into the picture, some real conflicts or power struggles could ensue unless this internal energy drive is directed and channeled into constructive efforts.

“It is by the Lunar Eclipse of April 15, 2014, when things seem set to pop or come to a head.”

In 1978, Jupiter is in Cancer, and, then in 1981, both Jupiter and Saturn are in the mid-degrees of the Cardinals sign Libra. Between 1984 and 1987, Jupiter is in the mid-degrees of the Cardinal sign Aries.

In 1988, Neptune is in mid-Capricorn, so this group has transiting Pluto conjunct Neptune and transiting Uranus square Neptune, which could be a bit disorienting. There may be a desire to escape the everyday world through a study of unusual subjects or in other ways. Be aware of a  vulnerability to being misled, so do not ignore the real world altogether. With transiting Jupiter opposing Neptune, it is not a time to take risks with your resources through gambling or questionable investments. Once Mars comes into range of square to Neptune, there could be low vitality or feelings of self-doubt, but this is temporary, and, eventually, all these aspects will pass, and you’ll be back to being yourself, feeling clear and certain of what’s what.

Those born between 1988 and 1992 all have Neptune in the middle degrees of Capricorn!

For those born in 1989 and 1990, Saturn was in Capricorn along with Neptune. Transiting Pluto conjunct Saturn can be stressful. Making wanted changes seems difficult. The resources necessary may skimpy, or they may not be available altogether. There may be a lack of support from institutions or people in authority. Timing seems off to make advancements. Competition makes things tough. During the period when Mars joins in to square natal Saturn, it could lead to hardships and frustrations. Plan now to get along with less and be flexible and philosophical until this passes. These are our young adults, aged 23-24. The job market may make it hard to find sufficient employment. They may question their earlier beliefs.

In 1991 and 1992, Neptune in Capricorn was joined by Uranus in the middle degrees of that sign. This group may be making changes in their goals and objectives. They are coming into adulthood, trying to take on responsibility at a time when there may be much to reject or to rebel against. A danger is that they may find that restrictions or obligations of any kind are too limiting and not worth it. The aspects for this group are difficult, particularly when Mars joins the Cardinal Cross this spring. They may need extra parental supervision and guidance to help keep them on the straight and narrow during these troubled times.

At various time between 1993 and 2001, either Jupiter or Saturn was in one of the Cardinal signs.

If your Ascendant or Moon falls in the mid-degrees of Cardinal signs (13º), this means that the Solar Eclipse of January 2011 was forming an aspect to it. This may have been a highly significant year for you. Think back. Did an important development occur in January or February of 2011? What about the rest of that year? This could provide clues to similar themes ahead. You could try this also if your Sun falls in the middle of a Cardinal sign. With the inner planets falling in the middle degrees of Cardinal signs, including the Sun, Venus, and Mars, it depends a great deal on which sign they fall as to how you might respond to the combined stimulation from the transiting planets that are forming the Cardinal Cross. Refer to a good book on transits. Read the columns in Dell Horoscope for insights throughout the year.

Celeste Teal has studied and practiced astrology since 1975, starting as a skeptic, intent on proving to a friend that astrology was nonsense. Instead, she became a believer and astrology her passion. Professionally accredited in 1986, Celeste has written for astrology magazines and authored several books, including Predicting Events with Astrology, published by Llewellyn Worldwide. She focuses on teaching time-tested |astrology principles and reliable forecasting techniques. Visit her website at

This article originally appeared April 2014 in Dell Horoscope, The World's Leading Horoscope Magazine. 

Copyright © 2001, 2012 by Dell Magazines, a division of Penny Publications, LLC.
All rights reserved. No portion of this article may be reproduced without the prior written permission of the publisher. 

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