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Costco Wholesale Corp (COST) October 22, 1993 engages in the operation of membership warehouses. They are due to report near the 12th. The Mars and Vesta stations are conjunct the Sun-Jupiter conjunction at 26˚-29˚ Libra. This may look bullish, but it is overshadowed by Saturn 75 degrees from the MC with an orb of only 27 minutes. This appears to be the dominant aspect, and it is bearish. This stock is likely to fall.
Tiffany & Company (TIF) May 5, 1987 engages in the design, manufacture, and retail of jewelry worldwide. TIF is likely to report on the 22nd. Saturn is contraparallel the Sun on the 20th. Uranus is square the Ascendant the next day. Saturn-Uranus typically brings disruptive developments. In this case, TIF is likely to fall after the announcement.

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